Startup error on Laptop

  lecram 09:41 11 May 2007

When I startup my computer it comes up with a message

“Windows cannot find C:\Windows\svchost.exe Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button and then click search”

After clicking “OK” the following desktop error message then appears.

“Could not load or run C:\Windows\svchost.exe specified in the registry. Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it in the registry.”

After clicking OK the screen flickers as if it is trying to run some program and then comes up with a third error message

“C:\Windows\_DEFAU~1.PIF Invalid program file name, please check your pif file. Choose close to terminate the application”

Once I click close, the screen then flickers again as if a program in trying to run. After this the computer runs normally. I have scanned it for viruses using AVG and found nothing. I have run CCleaner and fixed the problems it has found. I just can’t seem to get rid of this startup message.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to fix this problem???

  Probabilitydrive 09:54 11 May 2007

It seems your system is missing an important file: Windows has a facility to replace existing files safely. To do so: go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow (with the gap)!

This command will initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem.

Be prepared to insert your Windows XP CD when prompted.
you find more about this in: click here

  Gongoozler 10:06 11 May 2007

svchost.exe isn't in C:\Windows, it's in C:\Windows\System32. Something in your computer is looking in the wrong place. This could be spyware or some other nasty. Try scanning with Asquared free. click here

  lecram 17:37 15 May 2007

Tried both of your ideas Probabilitydrive and Gongoozler but I still seem to have the same startup problem. I did a search for svchost files on my computer and found three files:

1. SVCHOST.EX in the C:\I386 directory

2. in the
C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch directory

3. SVCHOST.EXE in the C:\WINDOWS\system32

Numbers 1 and 3 have a modification date that remains fixed but number 2's modification date is constantly alternating. Is number 2 possibly a problem file and if so how do I get rid of it? Could it be causing my startup error??

  Gongoozler 07:28 16 May 2007

No 1 is a compressed version. C:\I386 is a copy of the installation here

No 2 is created by Windows to decrease boot up time. click here

No 3 is the real thing.

What is wrong is that something is looking for SVCHOST.EXE in the wrong place.

Have a look at your startup entries to see if there is anything there that shouldn't be. Click Start - Run. Type in msconfig, click OK and in System Configuration window click the Startup tab. remove the ticks from the boxes a few at a time to see if any prevents the message. Be careful about those for your antivirus and firewall. There's no harm disabling them while not connected to the Internet.

Also in the System Configuration window you can click the Services tab. Tick the Hide All Microsoft Services box. What is left is not essential to the running of your computer, but again will include your antiirus and firewall.

  lecram 17:39 16 May 2007

I will give it a try Gongoozler thanks for the info and help!!

  lecram 09:49 21 May 2007

Hi Gongoozler

I tried your recommendations and was able to get rid of the first error but I am still have the error with C:\WINDOWS\_DEFAU~1.PIF popping up each time I turn my computer on.

When I locate this file in the Windows directory and attempt to run it also comes up with Invalid program file name.

Should I delete this file since its invalid and will this cure my startup problem??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:03 21 May 2007

[email protected] Technical analysis:

* You can tell whether a PC is infected by
o C:\Baca Bro !!!.txt
* The removal instructions at Symantec web page does not tell you how to remove the worm. However it offers a guide, because the registry and command prompt are terminated by the worm automatically.
* Removal
o Clean C:\Windows\o[7 digit random number].exe
o Clean C:\Windows\j[7 digit random number].exe
o Clean C:\Windows\system32\c_[5 digit random number]k.exe
o Clean folder C:\Windows\system32\s[4 digit random number] o Clean folder C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local
Settings\Application Data\dv6[5 digit random number]0x o Clean C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local
Settings\Application Data\jalak-93[random]
o Clean C:\Windows\_default.pif
o Clean C:\Windows\_defau~1.pif
* The cleaning can be done from using the Windows recovery mode.
* It is pretty easy to identify the worm from its size: 43,072 bytes.
* Restore the registry.

  lecram 13:10 21 May 2007

Hi Fruit Bat

Do I type these commands into my computer via the run mode or ms dos prompt mode??

By random seven digit number do you literally mean choosing any random seven digit number?

By running through these steps do you think it will clean my system??

Im just a bit unclear as to all the commands listed there...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 21 May 2007

1. If you can get into msdos mode under windows then you do NOT have the worm.

If not then you need to boot the laptop from the XP CD and go into recovery console

Using Recovery Consul
click here
click here

2. there will be files called o*******.exe and j*******.exe (where * can be any seven digits) in the C:\windows folder.
So delete any files starting with o or j that has 7 digits after it e.g. o1234567.exe j7654321.exe

Once you have deleteed (cleaned) the files restore the registry by click here

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