Startup defrag

  Dazza76 19:40 11 Jan 2008


Does anyone know how to do a defrag in safe mode?
I need to defrag before windows starts up.
Any assistance greatly appreciated.


  MAJ 19:57 11 Jan 2008

Safe Mode *IS* Windows, Dazza76. It's just that in Safe Mode, only the basics are loaded. To get to Safe Mode, tap the F8 key on startup and chose Safe Mode from the Advanced Startup Menu. Then start defrag as you normally would.

  john bunyan 20:00 11 Jan 2008

If yiu are still using Win 98SE hold down Control on start up then as MAJ says. My old laptop will only defrag in safe mode.

  Dazza76 20:27 11 Jan 2008

The only option it gives me from F8 is what system i want to start and the only system is windows. All that happens then is windows starts as normal.

  john bunyan 20:45 11 Jan 2008

What Windows system are you using ? - 98, XP ?? Just check in windows "help" index what it says to start in safe mode.

  Dazza76 21:18 11 Jan 2008

I'm using XP mate.

  [email protected] 21:39 11 Jan 2008

try diskeeper
Diskeeper will defrag the MFT and page file during the boot-time defrag before Windows itself loads
click here

  Dazza76 21:45 11 Jan 2008

Sorry Raven but what's the MFT?

  Technotiger 21:47 11 Jan 2008
  [email protected] 21:58 11 Jan 2008

Dazza hindsights a great thing but posting the response,not recommended bothering the mft,but diskeeper is a good defrag app although it costs,try the software on trial and see if you benefit.
Any particular reason you want to defrag in safe mode/boot time?
free app ausologics
click here

  Dazza76 14:36 14 Jan 2008

Raven. I wanted to do it in boot time as there is so many files it can't defrag as windows is using them once it's started that it makes the defrag pointless.
Thanks for the help though. Have trialed diskkeeper and it has helped a little. just though there must be some way of doing this without having to purchase software,

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