Phoenix40 14:00 16 Feb 2013

Hello ive had my computer for about 6 years its a Packard Bell desktop using Vistas windows. Recently ive been having problems starting up the computer at first i thought it was a problem to do with the latest Nvidia drivers for my Nvidia 8400GS card causing the problem as it started then.In the end i had to reformatmy computer three times to get it running again. When i finally got it up and running again i used an earlier driver for my card. But im still having problems with it starting up. What happens i turn it on and all there is is a constant humming sound. I sometimes have to turn it off several times at the mains and after a while it might start up. Does this sound like a hardware issue with the power unit or the motherboard? Hope someone can help if you need anymore information let me know thanks.

  lotvic 14:21 16 Feb 2013

Sounds as if fans etc might be struggling because clogged up with fluff.

With pc unplugged from mains electric, take side off and clean out any dirt and fluff using a paintbrush and the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner held near - don't let nozzle touch any of the pc inards or you might damage them. Next make sure all the components (ram sticks and any cards) are firmly plugged into the motherboard and all cables to harddrives etc.

Leave side off pc and plug back in mains and boot up. Look carefully at the fans - don't touch or you'll lose your finger end - make sure all are running smoothly.

Post back and tell us if the pc now boots up okay or if it doesn't tell us what if anything is displayed on the monitor.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:27 16 Feb 2013

I sometimes have to turn it off several times at the mains and after a while it might start up.

Has it been shutting down unexpectdly? if so then heat - always worth a good clean - just had to do mine.

Other thing that gives your symptoms is a failing PSU (PB are notorious for cheap PSUs)

  Phoenix40 14:49 16 Feb 2013

Hello thanks for your replies but actually it was only last year i cleared my computer out with a brush and air canister i did the best i can without moving anything and i did speak to my engineer who had installed my latest Nvidia card he says the components are usually well installed. Just before i had written my post i decided to use Auslogic and CCleaner to sort out my harddrives and after my post i closed my computer down then now i thought i have a look to see if anyone replied and it came on straightaway without any trouble. But i cant get excited yet in case its a one off coincidence. It sort of starts up then there is no bleep and just carrys on humming but it might start up a bit later but not always. Some have said it might need a new power unit is that possible? The other time it played up was when i installed the BBC iPlayer which requires something called Adobe Air to run it. It then played up and wouldnt start after i closed it down ive now uninstalled the application, but not sure if these things can upset the computer afterwards. I see how it goes and get back to you thanks.

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