dontnoafing 12:20 25 Apr 2005

is there any way to make xp home startup/load quicker?.my pc takes well over a minute.msconfig lists avg/zonealarm/adsl modem/spywareguard.i,m told 35 seconds(or so)is the norm by many friends.shutdown is no problem,very fast.

  pete-290318 12:54 25 Apr 2005

the speed of start up is related to the number of programmes and hardware that you have installed or running at startup.obviously you need your antivirus and firewalls to run at startup so dont disable those.

I dont think a couple of minutes is a long time, going off my pc which has a lot to load at startup

I find that if you press the start button ... go and put kettle on, make a brew... and by the time you sit down its all running and settled and ready to go ...

  Pooke100 13:20 25 Apr 2005

Well over a minute isn't a problem, when you get to five or, ten or more minutes then it would be.

Go to run and type in msconfig then click startup and untick all you think you don't need, leave your firewall and anti virus etc alone.

Alternatively there is a development tool called "bootvis", this program is no longer supported by Microsoft so if you use and get trouble then they WILL NOT help. click here to download it.

Do you have click here ?

Use the usual disk defrag regularly too.


  pauldonovan 13:30 25 Apr 2005

..XP is meant to optimise the startup dynamically, but I remember using a tool that MS supply to their resellers to tune their boot times because I understand they (MS) have a target (20-30 seconds?) that they ask PC manufacturers to meet for boot-up to be partners with them. They no longer support this tool though but I think you can still get it on the net - bootvis.

Definitely review what is in your startup (not just the startup folder on your start menu but everything...use WinPatrol, or msconfig startup tab to do that.

Have you done a defrag?

Something I read mentioned prefetching also - apparently XP prefetches commonly used apps into the prefetch folder, might be worth deleting the contents but do so at your own risk/read up on it first!

Also look at what services you may be running but don't need - they'll all start at startup. Here's a forum post on one particular person's settings (you may need different services so look into it first):

click here

  dontnoafing 14:31 25 Apr 2005

thanks all.plenty to get on with.i thought it was just me who,s pc started after a minute.on reflection it,s not that bad is it?.what i will do is have a nosey at a mates ultra expensive/latest dell and have a look under the bonnet.thanks again.

  pauldonovan 10:13 26 Apr 2005

..maybe i'm just impatient. Nothing wrong with wanting a quicker startup, MS and PC Manufacturers are aiming for zero ultimately.

I would want less than 30 seconds ideally.

  medicine hat 10:56 26 Apr 2005

From the horses mouth... click here

  aka51 21:19 27 Apr 2005

i had 40 seconds startup time on new pc,even getting rid of pre installed dross did,nt knock many seconds off.good link to follow dontnoafing.

  woodchip 21:23 27 Apr 2005

Well I have a 98 Desktop Xp Desktop and Xp Laptop. And 98 will start and shut down while XP is thinking about it

  GroupFC 21:52 27 Apr 2005

Interesting thread - I've never thought about how long it takes so I've just timed it (nothing better to do!). It takes 44 secs to get to the welcome screen and then another 25 secs to a useable dektop.
it onlt takes 24 secs to shutdown.

I'll have look at the services and see if I can't shave some time off!

  aka51 21:55 27 Apr 2005

98 se compaq laptop nearly 4 minutes to start(used rarely).why ? ? ?.lord knows.pete77 and pauldonovan got things about right.

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