Starts when it feels like it.

  Lucky7 12:39 20 Sep 2003

Hi all, The computer im using at the moment only starts when it feels like it. I have checked the power supply and that seems to be ok, could there be a break in the printed circuit that makes a conection sometimes or is there a thermal switch in this box that i dont know about. The other thing that happens is i get a blue screen with the message a fatal error has occured, it also restarts on its own. "Please can you help."

Regards, Robert.

  alan 2273 14:53 20 Sep 2003

can you tell us what os you are using and what the fatal error code is and your set up as this will help.

  Lucky7 20:41 22 Sep 2003

Hi Alan, My O/S is Win 98. The fatal exception msg is OE 0167:BFF86EBD. Sorry i have been so long getting back to you, i couldnt get it to start. Regards, Robert.

  alan 2273 20:38 26 Sep 2003

Error at 0E:0197 in Normal Mode and 0E:0167 in Saf Post a Reply
From: Scottie Okrap on 03/27/2003
I went to reboot my pc and it came back with an error in OE:0197:82EEE930 message, so I went to start it in Safe Mode and it came back with an 0E:0167:82EEE930 message. It says hit any key to contine or the alt ctrl del to restart. When I hit a key it says "windows protection error" and tells me to restart. So I try again and nothing. I messed with the step by step configuration but of course no luck there. So I am stuck in this vicious circle of restarts. Please, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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From: aparna on 09/25/2003
this article was fine and useful but provide more information and make it more useful.

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From: 0E:0167:E41B4489 on 07/30/2003
Windows 98 safe mode

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From: slink on 03/30/2003
this windows protection error is robably refering to a driver, best way to solve it is to do a selective boot with the F8 key, goto safemode then when you press enter to boot under safemode press f8 again straight away and choose step by step configuration, say yes to all exept the device drivers, you should get access to the computer.
When you are at the windows desktop go o the device manager and remove any drivers for networking and other devices that use the pci slots. Don't remove any other drivers like the computers main chipsets and hard drive/floppy drive drivers just any networking or pci slot drivers... , make sur you have your driver CD's with you incase re-installing the drivers is needed via your CD roms

Reboot he pc normally when you have removed all the devices from the pc and be ready to re-install drivers if windows needs you to do so, see if this helps.

You can disable a driver to if this does not work, by doing this it won't load during boot process...


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