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  flick 23:34 12 Oct 2004

My husband retired recently and has been has been spending his newly liberated time expanding his already extensive photo collection.

He has always freely given up images to anyone who asked - friends, small businesses, schools, charities etc. - but now wonders if perhaps there's potential for generating some extra income from them.

It seems to me that there are two ways to approach this:
1. Upload them to an image bank and see if anyone is interested.
2. Set up a website and offer them directly.

There are obviously costs and benefits to both approaches. The first is relatively risk free but the rewards are similarly diluted. The second may involve some hard work, research and investment but he's not afraid of that having spent his working life doing just that.

I am aware of the basics of domain names, web hosting, payment methods and so on, but am not technically competent about web design (willing to learn).

So, assuming we follow route 2. we would appreciate your advice, links to helpful websites, pitfalls to be aware of and anything else really.

F.E. If this is too broadbrush a question, please let me know and I'll come back with more specific questions

  flick 23:35 12 Oct 2004

sorry, this was meant to go in the web design forum

  pubsinger 00:37 13 Oct 2004

The first question is; "Did he take these photos? and therefore, does he own the copyright?" If not then he can`t sell them.

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