starting new event website

  heygringo 00:28 28 Aug 2009

im thinking about setting up a local event website and having a listings section on the site. im wondering if there are any copyright/legal issues relating to using a gig list from another business website even though i would be advertising for them (i.e a nightclub/theatre).

  babybell 13:39 28 Aug 2009

The only way it will be a copywrite issue is if you copy it directly without asking them. If you took the information and made your own list, its impossible for them to say you 'Copied' it from them. If you want it to look exactly the same then i suggest you contact them and ask for permission.

  OTT_Buzzard 14:33 28 Aug 2009

I've been doing something similar recently, and ended up doing exactly what babybell has said.

I contacted each and every band that is on the events list and asked them for permission to use text, images and in some cases, royalty free music, from their websites and promotional material.

In *almost* every case, responses were fast and positive. I did run into a couple of issues where especially photographs were copyrighted by another party.

My point here is that although you are thinking of using laterial from other business's websites, they may publishing material with permission from copyright owners and that permission may not extend to you.

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