Starting a new build but bit undecided

  PhillyG76 22:19 20 Jul 2018

Hi I plan to start building a new PC, saving up money and buying just a few parts at a time. Originally I was planning on buying an Asus z370G MATX board as thought normal size would mean huge cases needed. But have now realised that ATX boards fit in mid size cases, which is making me wonder if I should get ATX. I know the larger size will offer more flexibility but from what I can work out with the MATX, it looks like I can still put a lot in. I’m considering the Intel 8600K cpu as seems good value but am wondering if worth spend the extra on the 8700k? For now I’m fairly confident I’ll be happy with the 8600K. But do you people think it’s wise sticking with the MATX Asus board? It can take to GPU’s, has a few M.2 ports and loads of USB’s. The best benefit for me is that it’s cheaper than the equivalent normal ATX board. I really can’t see any advantage for paying the extra. As for the GPU, I was originally thinking of a GTX 1050ti, but have found that to so SLI you need at least a 1060. I was thinking of going for a cheaper one than adding the second later. Is this wise. And finally memory, I’ll probably start with 8gb and expand as I save more money. This is the main thing I have little knowledge on, is it really a bad idea to get the cheapest type going? I know there’s different speeds, but say if there was a half decent brand but had there slowest speed for a cheap price, is this a false economy? Sorry for all the questions but I’m getting quite excited to start this new project. I guess my main question is the difference between mATX and ATX boards, I really can’t see any major disadvantages if your not planning on building a real high spec machine. I want to be able to play games at high specs in 1080p, and maybe in future 4K, if I can do this by adding a second GPU later I’ll try this.

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