Starting multiple programmes by clicking one icon?

  [email protected] 12:02 14 Jul 2004

Is it possible to start multiple programmes from clicking one icon?

The reason I want to do this is that my startup is being slowed down because internet related programmes (prevyx & zonealarm) seem to be stalling my PC's startup!

I dont need either of these programmes running unless I am connected to the net so would probably rather not have them running until I needed them.

Would it be possible to have both these programmes start automatically when I click to connect to the internet?

Even if it is possible could doing this cause any problems?

I know the easy option would be to start them all seperately each time I went on the net but I probably couldn't rely on wife / children doing that.


  Big Elf 12:17 14 Jul 2004

Create a batch file (you can use notepad) along the lines of:

Start "c:\program\files\zone labs\zonealarm\zonealarm.exe"

add other programs in a similar mannner.

  Big Elf 12:19 14 Jul 2004

Sorry, forgot to credit Computer Shopper for that suggestion.

  [email protected] 12:57 14 Jul 2004

Cheers Big Elf

I've never played with batch files before!

What do I do with the notepad file once created?

When answering pretend that I'm really thick :-)

  stlucia 15:30 14 Jul 2004

Save the file as something.bat, and then create a shortcut to it (in Explorer, right-click on the file, then click on Create Shortcut). Then drag the shortcut onto your desktop. Then clicking the shortcut should start the batch file running, which should start the processes which you've listed in it running.

  [email protected] 15:52 14 Jul 2004

That almost seems too easy!! Thanks.

I will give it a go when I get home from the office.

Is this an unusual idea or do many others do it & if so does it cause any problems?

  Big Elf 18:42 14 Jul 2004

I use a couple of batch files for backup on a daily basis without any problems with my XP Home system. I've never tried this particular idea myself but it was serendipity that you asked about it just 10 minutes after I'd read the article in the magazine which means that at least one other person in the world would like to do it too:o)

Each reference to a program should start on a separate line in the batch file.

The reference to 'Start' is required for each program.

The reason for the quotes surrounding the program location is due to the fact that the program or file names are either longer than 8 characters or that they have a space in the name.

  powerless 19:24 14 Jul 2004
  [email protected] 07:27 15 Jul 2004

Cheers guys

Works a treat!

I had to change the format of the ""'s to the same way as the examples from powerless to get it to play properly.

Saves my systems meagre rescources for when I need them.

Thanks again :-)

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