Starting in Freelance Webdesign

  Jannie1949 10:26 13 Mar 2008

I have no IT industry experience and wanted to get into freelance web designing. I have found a course from the Home Learning College which gives CIW associate status.

Is this course worth while and does anyone have any tips which would help me on my way?

  MAJ 11:19 13 Mar 2008

Generally speaking I give these home learning things a wide berth. Normally you'll find that your local college of futher education does them a lot better and miles cheaper. Hell if anybody else offers me a potential £30k per annum by learning online, I'll [virtually] slap him.

Do you have any design flair or do you let the missus match the cushions and curtains? Do you leave the house wearing navy and black? Do you know how to create a website, do you know what it involves? Do you have any coding experience? Web Designers are two a penny, good web designers are hard to come by but there are still a lot of them around, it's hardly a niche market anymore. If you think you have what it takes, go ahead, but go to your local college before trying these online courses. How much are they charging for the course as a matter of interest?

  Jannie1949 11:59 13 Mar 2008

The course is £530 in total.

I like to think I have design flair I am quite creative and know a bad site when I see one and equally the good ones I just lack the coding knowledge to create my own at the moment.

Thanks for the tip about local college I will check it out.

  discoleg76 11:35 02 Apr 2008

I am in a similar position - would like to get into web design. My experince so far is confined to some really basic stuff in HTML.
It's quite confusing to work out where to start. There are loads of free resources on the net, W3 schools is worth a look if you haven't already. They do free tutorials in HTML, CSS, XHTML etc.
Like you, I am looking for some training.
I have looked at the OU who offer a course in Web Design but I was a bit put off by the costs and course start dates which seem to be spread out over several years - I want to get up and running asap!
There is no shortage it seems of training courses, like web designers. But I too have thought the CIW course through Home Learning College looks quite good.
It is possible to buy the course direct from CIW, but from what I can see the cost works out about the same.
I think local colleges would be a great idea, but unfortunately in my area they are few and far between & work commitments can be a barrier.
If you live in London or in a city you may well have much more choice.
Anyway just thought I would say hi, if you find out anything more or have any tips as someone else trying to get started it would be good to hear from you!

  Jannie1949 13:18 04 Apr 2008

Thanks for that I will check them out. If I find anything good I'll let you know!

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