Starting up an e-commerce?

  Sunny-275842 20:25 15 Jan 2004

hi people!

not so much of a computer problem, but can anyone tell me where i can find some information about setting up a e-commerce site that will tell me the potentials barriers and incentives in developing a e-commerce site since i have a interest in setting up my own, just wanna find out some more info before i go setting up one, all the legal things i kinda know about, just any help with trust approval, trust issues and securties etc??

thanks be a great help!


  Forum Editor 20:45 15 Jan 2004

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  MichelleC 20:47 15 Jan 2004

PayPal is quite good, although a Merchant bank account will be more prestigious. With PP people have to start a PP account before they trade, whilst a MB account will deal direct with cc payments. MB's can take a varying amount in transaction % so shop around. Another pitfall is batching from their account to yours as they may charge per batch, so you'll save in batching once pw, say. If you search for 'internet merchant bankers' (or adding 'reviews' etc) you'll get a few.

  Forum Editor 00:26 16 Jan 2004

are designing the site yourself - or do you have someone doing it for you?

As far as credit card payments go there are different ways of going about it. You can apply to a bank - one that is a member of the VISA and Mastercard associations for a merchant account. Wiht this type of account you process the payments yourself, via PDQ machine provided by the bank, or via your computer. Both methods allow you to submit card details and amounts, and obtain authorisation codes. At the end of each day you submit your batch of codes to the bank for settlement, and two days later you have the money in your bank.

Another method is to use a third party card payment processor like PayPal. PayPal will collect your money for you, and pay it into a business bank account - minus a commission. This method is very easy to set up, and registration is free. The slight drawback is that customers have to open an 'account' with PayPal before they can use the system.

Internet trading has a lot going for it, but there are some pitfalls ready to trap the unwary. One of these is fulfilment. People who buy over the Internet expect their order to be completed and despatched very quickly, after all, that's the whole idea of the Internet - it's fast, and it's easy. You'll need to ensure that you can complete orders in quick time, and you'll also need to be ready to ship to almost any country in the world, and without delay. Once again, there are third party fulfilment companies who specialise in running warehouse full of other peoples' goods. These companies will pick and pack your orers, and despatch them to your customers - at a price.

Everybody dreams of becoming rich in e-commerce, and of course some people do, but that's the tip of the iceberg. For every Internet millionaire there are 100,000 people who are still waiting to get there.

As far as the site's concerned, make sure that it is always up to date, and that there are no potentially damaging legal points that need attention. Come back here for more specific information as you go along.

  Sheila-214876 16:32 22 Jan 2004

There are many independent company's who will collect the money for you. As the FE has pointed out Paypal is one, but the buyer has to register an account with them. Netbanx at click here is another which does not require the buyer to register but it costs you, the seller, a fee to set up. If you can sustain the fees until you are getting enough customers to put you in the black give it a try.

  Sunny-275842 17:49 23 Jan 2004

thanks for the advice people, really appreiciated and helped alot! :) im not setting up a e-commerce site, i was actully just finding information about payments and how it would go about for the future, but at the mo im not plannning to do so.



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