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  DJ Techz 17:33 06 Jun 2008


I have a 3 (maybe 4)year old eMachine 4028 that is quite slow due to all the programs being uninstalled and installed, i think its because of all the programs i have in/uninstalled. Would using the recovery disk/program/partition and restoring it back to when I got it help speed it up a bit(The partition is protected by PC Angel but the program lets me use this). A friend of mine did this on a laptop and it said PC Angel and he was able to keep all of his files. Would this be that same

3.06Ghz Processor
768Meg Ram (I removed one of the two 256MB rams sticks ad put in a 512)


  Forum Editor 18:29 06 Jun 2008

usually restore the computer to the state it was in when it was new - you'll lose all your installed programs, and all your data files too, unless you have previously backed them up.

Provided you have the installation disks for any software you want to keep, go ahead and restore, but make sure you back up your data files to CDs first.

  DJ Techz 18:48 06 Jun 2008

Do you think I should put the old 256MB RAM before restoring and then put it back in after or will it be ok

  DJ Techz 18:52 06 Jun 2008

What should I do about Norton Internet Security 2008. This is the third pc i installed it on

  DJ Techz 18:55 06 Jun 2008

I have just read the manual and i have the option to backup everything before it reinstalls

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