Starting Afresh (Graphics)

  GazMaz 17:58 04 Sep 2006

OK I want (because I am fed up with crashing all the time in games) to go back to basics. IE unload all software and drivers for the Radeon 9600XT 256mb graphic card I have.
Any suggestions or can someone suggest basic setting to move me from this circle of death I've entered..... lol....
I used to be able to run various tests including 3DMark2001 SE now that does about a second before freeze, and here we go with a reboot, great.
Any idea's I'm getting soooooo frustrated.

  aca 18:32 04 Sep 2006


are you getting stop screen and any error codes

what motherboard/chipset have you got

have you made any changes prior to the problems

  STREETWORK 18:52 04 Sep 2006

You will need to run the ATI removal tool available from their website. This removes all traces of the drivers

Once you have done this reboot the PC and when windows detects new hardware close it so that windows will load a default VGA driver.

Reinstall the ATI drivers from the CD, if you do not have them go to ATI website and download them. Save any downloaded file to somewhere you will find them.

Once the drivers have been installed, reboot. Windows will now load the new drivers.

If you want to use the ATI control panel, do it after you have installed everything else.

NOTE: You may have to repeat this will earlier driver for you card untill you find a stable one.


Worth checking and cleaning out the inside of the PC case, especially around the cooling fans.

  GazMaz 19:42 04 Sep 2006

OK so uninstalled all ATI software, firstly I noticed how quick right clicking and the submenu's appeared in basic VGA mode! I had never noticed how quick it should be before.
It seems the higher the resolution the slower the submenu takes to appear!
Anyway previously I didn't get any errors the system just crashed.
Win 2KMB A7V600-X (most recent Bios)
AMD Athlon 3200+ 2.2GHz
ATI 9600XT 256mb
Only 24% available on Hard Drive (80GB total)
Bios AGP 8X
AGP aperture set 128mb
Disabled Fast Writes.
Resolution 1280 * 1024
True Colour 32bit

I got a ZERO DISPLAY SERVICE ERROR. while loading the ATI drivers? I OK'd the message and the load continued. I didn't load the ATI control panel.
Tried to run 3DMark2001Se ran for less than a second before complete crash, no heat issues!

  STREETWORK 21:00 04 Sep 2006

System spec is good.

The ATI card appears to be the offender and this may take some time or no time to sort out.

First which set of catylist drivers are you using?

  GazMaz 21:11 04 Sep 2006

Radeon 9600 series (DNA
Driver version
Bios BK-ATI VER0008.017D.031.000

I tried to run a FarCry Benchmark and got a VPU recoverer message but machine crashed and can't find the error message.

  STREETWORK 21:13 04 Sep 2006

Try to enable fast writes, this is a known issue.

Another problem could be your sound card and you should update this driver.

  GazMaz 21:27 04 Sep 2006

SoundCard = SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit
Driver =

I've seen fast writes on can cause an issue that's why I disabled them, however I enabled them but still got the crash.

I tried the 3DMark2001 SE test again, Lasted 1.16 secs this time!

  STREETWORK 22:05 04 Sep 2006

Try Ctylist drivers 5.5 by going to the ATI website, downloads, Radeon, previous drivers and software.

Remember to remove any installed drivers first. This will be a case of finding some stable drivers for your setup

click here

Use this for removal of existing drivers,

click here

Try 5.5 drivers

  GazMaz 19:15 05 Sep 2006

Ok so I uninstalled all software and drivers (I hope) and have reinstalled the 5.5 drivers and software, I got the ZERO DISPLAY SERVICE ERROR again?
I ran the test and this time , it still crashed but I got a almost scrolling screen.
Any more idea's?

  STREETWORK 20:57 05 Sep 2006

Sorry for delay, been at work.

There would appear to be a problem here between your graphics card and the sound device. This is a known problem for some ATI cards.

It is a case of getting a good combination for each in repsect of the drivers.

Here goes, and this to check that the graphics card is not faulty.

Uninstall both ATI drivers and software (use the uninstall utility from ATI again.

Uninstall the sound card drivers. This can be done from the device manager.

Reboot the PC and allow windows to load the drivers automatically. Once done try the system out. you will be using whatever drive windows thinks best.

Now if this works it means there is no problem with the sound and graphics cards.

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