Start Up Windows XP Professional

  Islandgirl 15:38 07 Aug 2006

I have a new problem with my PC - Until I installed a Maxtor Drive - the same day I installed a new Keyboard and Mouse, everything was fine
Now when I start the PC I get a screen that says ~Intel Inside Pentium 4 in a box and underneath - Intel Desktop Boards
This stays on the screen for between 12 and 15 minutes and then it boots up as normal - Windows installing your settings. Which then takes the usual minute. Has anyone any ideas why this has just happened Joan

  James. 16:15 07 Aug 2006

click here for some information, are you sure you have configured the jumper settings correctly for your new drive.

  Islandgirl 17:31 07 Aug 2006

The Maxtor is connected to my computer by USB - so it cant be that, it's a seperate drive altogether. Joan

  James. 17:47 07 Aug 2006

Are the keyboard/mouse USB, if so have you enabled "Legacy USB" in your BIOS settings.

  Islandgirl 09:52 10 Aug 2006

Well James, thank you for trying, I have been on the Microsoft Website and tried everything I can think of, even to opening a new User Account, as one suggestion was. Nothing helped. I gave up, and whoa betide me, having touched nothing since Monday, today it started up as normal in 2-3 minutes, with no hanging in the Intel Pentinum screen. Computers will be the death of me I'm sure. Joan

  Slim Shady 10:33 10 Aug 2006

I don't know if this is relevant to you but I also have a Maxtor USB hard drive and if I forget to unplug it from its USB port before switching the PC on then it just won't boot. If I unplug the drive and reboot then it's all fine. Just means I have to plug it back in to use it when the PC's on.

  rodriguez 10:41 10 Aug 2006

You could try opening the computer up and unplugging all the drives, then starting the computer up. If the Intel screen is still displayed for ages, then it could be a motherboard problem. If it's only on for a few seconds as it should be, then plug the drives back in one by one until you find the one that causes it to hang. We used to build computers with these Intel boards and they had the same logo as you describe and if one of the drives or the motherboard was bad, then it would hang at that screen. About half the time it was a bad CD or hard drive and the other half it was a bad board so it's worth a try. When you find the drive that causes it to hang, just check all the jumper settings and if you can, try it on another machine before you chuck it away.

  Islandgirl 11:45 10 Aug 2006

Thank you Slim and rodriguez, everything is working as normal again, so i am leaving it all at the moment and just keeping my fingers crossed. Joan

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