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  iqs 19:13 08 Sep 2007

Hi,Just tried to switch my PC on,and nothing happened.Switched it off and tried again.This time a message appeared stating Windows could not start etc etc.I selected Start Windows Normally,becasue it was highlighted.Any ideas what could of caused this,is it something to worry about?.Cheers

  audeal 20:59 08 Sep 2007

I think we all get this from time to time. Something has gone wrong but normally causes no problems. Booting normally usually boots up fine. The only time I would be worried is if it keeps happening regular or if it does not boot up after selecting "Boot Normally". In actual fact this did happen to me this afternoon but no problems occurred.

  iqs 21:24 08 Sep 2007

audeal and many thanks for help.Its reassuring to know its not just my PC this happens to.Cheers :-)

  €dstowe 21:50 08 Sep 2007

Windows not starting the first or second time can indicate a failing power supply (PSU) if it happens regularly.

Not too much of a problem - PSU's are relatively easily replaced.

  birdface 09:44 09 Sep 2007

Just a warning that things are not right,Probably a failing PSU like Edstowe said.Maybe computer is needing cleaned inside,Check your air vents at the back of your computer.make sure they are not filled with dust or fluff.If so it is a good indication that your computer needs a good clean out.I use a Hoover with a plastic fitting and a fine haired paint brush.

  MFL 10:03 09 Sep 2007

I have suffered similar problems with PC not starting up - has taken about 10 attempts today! I too cleaned my out, firstly with a USB mini vacumn - and then because that was not too effective with a standard hoover. I then read in a PC magazine that that was not advisable and that one should use an 'air duster'!

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