start/ shutdown loop

  Aerons the man 00:50 07 Jun 2010

I had a blue screen recently and had to reinstall Windows XP Professional. I installed some programs, got fed up and left it until next day.
When I started most of the programs were missing and it looked like the OS was just installed. Now I`ve got my programs on and when I went to start up I got the loop of start/close.... I think my problem started when the HD was writing and we had a power cut. Does this mean the HD is toast or is there something else I can do?
Please some of you technical savvy types help me again

  rawprawn 07:21 07 Jun 2010

I would try reinstalling Windows from scratch, it's probably the safest and quickest way.

  Big L 266 08:00 07 Jun 2010


Given your 'blue screen of death' and a power cut when loading the OS,I would have to agree with rawprawn and suggest you reinstall from scratch.

I don't think the hd is toast at all. I've been online during a one second power cut and thankfully was able to reboot with no problem in doing so. You have just been very unlucky to have had two very bad experiences in quick succession.

I'm sure you'll have no problem reinstalling the os from scratch.

I wish you well.

Big L 266

  Aerons the man 15:17 09 Jun 2010

rawpron and Big L 226

Sorry for the delay in getting back to let you knoe what happened. I got it to work eventually, I did bits over a couple of days because I was fed up with it. When I reinstalled xp I tried to reformat the hd on full format it only went to 5% and stayed there, just did a quicky.
Thanks to you, and as the saying goes `Like minds think alike`. Me, I`m Fred Flintstone as far as computers are concerned

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