Start screen, desktop and everything else suddenly too large

  Yimbo 09:43 09 Dec 2014

Between shutting down last night and starting up this morning, the Start page has greatly increased in size. Desktop icons, background picture, taskbar icons - all same thing. I had my desktop icons set out in my order of preference, but they have also been re-arranged as well as re-sized.

I'm using Windows 8.1 with 24in LG monitor.

I'd appreciate any ideas as to the cause of this, and help with restoring things to the way they were.

  lotvic 10:39 09 Dec 2014

Sounds like when you are in Safe Mode and Screen Res goes to basic (driver)

If you're not in Safe Mode, have a look in: Display > Screen Resolution to see what's set.

  Yimbo 13:13 09 Dec 2014

Thank you lotvic. Powering up just now, to see if there were any replies to my post, behold - everything has reverted to its former state!

Don't know why or how!

I'll bear in mind what you've said, in case things go awry again!

  lotvic 14:02 09 Dec 2014

panic over ;)

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