Start up Problems

  firerescue999 06:30 27 Oct 2005

Hi, I have a TIME computer and ever since I have had it I have had start up problems. If the power is left on the computer will start up fine. If I turn the power off at the socket, the next time I start the computer the I get a blank screen and I have to restart the computer to get it to start up. I have always thought it was my Graphics card but I have recently changed that and the problem is still there. I have tried using different monitors and that hasn't helped either. Please Help.

  octal 07:41 27 Oct 2005

How old is your Time computer? I'm just wondering if the backup battery has run down. They are quite easy to replace in modern computers.

  firerescue999 18:29 27 Oct 2005

Hi, the computer is 2 years old. I have had this problem for a year now. I don't think it is the battery because but will try a new one.

  firerescue999 06:37 28 Oct 2005

This is strange, I switched batteries in my computers and both my time computers will now start up fine, crazy. Thanks for your help octal.

  octal 17:19 28 Oct 2005

the thread, but this can happen. The problem is likely to be the battery not making a good connection, the reason is that the current drawn by the BIOS is tiny, therefore if there's the slightest resistance in the electrical connection with the battery to the holder it will show up in the problems you are seeing.

Just one word of warning, try not to touch the battery with bare fingers because you'll leave deposits on the battery which will oxidise the surface and create an electrical resistance.

  firerescue999 19:34 04 Nov 2005

Ok thanks for that, I will remember that for future ref. Thanks again

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