start up problem xp

  swamper 22:30 28 Dec 2003

i keep getting the message "run time error 424" everytime i start up
xp home compaq pressario with athlon 2600+
is this causing the problem i have with usb devices i get a message asking for drivers even for plug and play devices

  Dragon Heart 02:08 29 Dec 2003

5 "Invalid procedure call or argument"
6 "Overflow"
7 "Out of memory"
9 "Subscript out of range"
10 "This array is fixed or temporarily locked"
11 "Division by zero"
13 "Type mismatch"
14 "Out of string space"
17 "Cannot perform requested operation"
28 "Out of stack space"
35 "Sub or Function not defined"
48 "Error in loading DLL"
51 "Internal error"
52 "Bad file name or number"
53 "File not found"
54 "Bad file mode"
55 "File already open"
57 "Device I/O error"
58 "File already exists"
61 "Disk full"
62 "Input past end of file"
67 "Too many files"
68 "Device unavailable"
70 "Permission denied"
71 "Disk not ready"
74 "Cannot rename with different drive"
75 "Path/File access error"
76 "Path not found"
91 "Object variable or With block variable not set"
92 "For loop not initialized"
93 "Invalid pattern string"
94 "Invalid use of Null"
322 "Cannot create necessary temporary file"
424 "Object required"
429 "Automation server cannot create object"
430 "Class does not support automation"
432 "File name or class name not found during automation operation"
438 "Object does not support property or method <item>"
440 "Automation error"
445 "Object does not support this action"
446 "Object does not support named arguments"
447 "Object does not support current locale setting"
448 "Named argument not found"
449 "Argument not optional"
450 "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment"
451 "Object not a collection"
453 "Specified DLL function not found"
458 "Variable uses an automation type not supported in JScript"
501 "Cannot assign to variable"
502 "Object not safe for scripting"
503 "Object not safe for initializing"
504 "Object not safe for creating"
5000 "Cannot assign to 'this'"
5001 "<Item> is not a number; Number expected"
5002 "<Item> is not a function; Function expected"
5003 "Cannot assign to a function result"
5004 "<Item> is not an indexable object; Cannot index object"
5005 "<Item> is not a string; String expected"
5006 "<Item> is not a date object; Date object expected"
5007 "<Item> is not an object; Object expected"
5008 "Cannot assign to <item>; Illegal assignment"
5009 "<Item> is undefined; Undefined identifier"
5010 "<Item> is not a boolean; Boolean expected"
5011 "Cannot execute code from a freed script"
5012 "Cannot delete <item>; Object member expected"
5013 "<Item> is not a VBArray; VBArray expected"
5014 "<Item> is not a JScript object; JScript object expected"
5015 "<Item> is not an enumerator object; Enumerator object expected"
5016 "<Item> is not a regular expression object; Regular Expression object expected"
5017 "Syntax error in regular expression"
5018 "Unexpected quantifier"
5019 "Expected ']' in regular expression"
5020 "Expected ')' in regular expression"
5021 "Invalid range in character set"
5022 "Expected '[' in regular expression"
5023 "Expected '(' in regular expression
6000 "Variable is undefined or is not an object"
6001 "Method undefined or not found"

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