Start up problem with my PC - please help / advise

  Stevie Rowe 14:23 30 Dec 2014

Good afternoon all,

I was hoping that someone could help or advise with the following -

I have a HP Pavillion Slimline S5000 series PC and am running windows 7 and whilst I have never really used it for much (kids homework, a bit of surfing, you tube etc) it has developed a problem when I try to start it up.

It has been like it for a few months now and got progressively worse, to the extent that I cant even get it to come on anymore?

When I turn it on it will go straight to the 'Windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software.....' comes up on the screen. If I choose to 'start windows normally' it goes to a black screen with the white mouse cursor and does nothing else. When it first started doing this I could turn it on and off as couple of times and it would be ok but this has got progressively worse now and wont work.

If I choose to do a start up repair, it goes though all of the checks and then everything passes but when it tries to re boot it just goes to a black screen with the white mouse cursor.

A mate suggested that I replaced the Bios battery which I have done but it has made no difference.

System restore doesn't work either.

I don't have anything important on there as I saved it all when it first started doing it so am willing to try anything. It has got to a point now where Im sick of messing about with it and was wondering if it was worth getting it looked at or should I just bin it and get a new pc??

Any advice at all would be appreciated

I look forward to hearing from you

Thanks in advance


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:28 11 Jan 2015

Its beginning to look like a bad hard drive failing and corrupting windows boot files again..

if there is nothing to lose on it the factory restore and make an image / clone of the drive to an external drive, so you can fit a new drive and restore the image / clone to the new drive, if its still giving problems

Macrium Reflect is free imaging software that is easy to use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 11 Jan 2015

click here gives instructions on how to change a drive

  john bunyan 16:38 11 Jan 2015

Re I Tunes.

You are "allowed" up to 5 PC's on one I tunes account. If I were you I would save I Tunes (and any other self generated data (Word, etc) on a USB hdd . This is a good thing to do anyway. I use Freefile synch for this and update the external drive regularly so that all data is copied up to date. As has been said you need something like Macrium reflect for the imaging of the drive and OS, but in the meantime do make a copy of iTunes to another drive.


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