Start Up problem - continuous beeping

  Pinochio 19:07 24 Feb 2003

I have basically the same problem with two different PCs.

I built a new PC from scratch but when I try to start it all I get is an endless series of single beeps. Nothing appears on the monitor except “No signal”. I understand this suggests a memory or graphics card problem but I have tested the memory (PC133) and graphics card (Elsa Synergy II, AGP card) in a friend’s PC and both appear to be OK. I had to set the FSB jumper to 100MHz to get this much out of the PC – set at 133 I don’t even get any beeps!

My other PC is an older one that worked fine until I tried swapping the PC100 memory it has always used for the PC133 memory from my new PC (to see if the PC133 was working). Now my old PC won’t start with either memory card – not a single beep, and the same “No signal” display on the monitor as I get with my new PC.

If it’s any help I am running Windows 98 and I have an ASRock K7VT2 motherboard.

  jazzypop 19:21 24 Feb 2003

I know you said 'endless stream', but if you listen carefully, is there any pause in the sequence (e.g. after the 6th, 7th, 8th etc). This will help pinpoint the exact error code.

"2.Q:What’s the meaning of AMI BIOS Beep Codes?

A: The following are AMI BIOS Beep Codes that can occur.

Beep Code Descriptions

1 short Memory refresh timer error.

2 short Parity error.

3 short Main memory read / write test error.

4 short System timer failure

5 short Process error.

6 short Keyboard controller BAT test error.

7 short General exception error

8 short Display memory error.

9 short ROM BIOS checksum error

10 short CMOS shutdown Read/Write error

11 short Cache Memory bad"

(From the ASRock web site).

  Pinochio 18:52 25 Feb 2003

Thanks for the suggestion Jazzypop

Since my last posting I have noticed that there are two very quiet beeps, very close together, right at the start - then the loud beeping starts which is just a slow series of single beeps separated by a second or two.

For some reason though, if I disconnect the floppy drive cable from the motherboard I get six beeps which repeats itself over and over again.

According to your table above, this could mean a "Keyboard controller BAT test error" but I have no idea what that means!

Can you offer any more help?

  howard60 22:14 25 Feb 2003

and then stick it back in.

  Pinochio 10:25 26 Feb 2003

Thanks howard. I've tried it but the PC still makes the same beeping sound.

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