start up problem

  nobbie 16:32 18 Mar 2003

Hi all, i have windows xp pro installed, and for no apparent reason when i start up , the p,o,s,t is ok (because the puter says it is ) i get the win xp screen (as normal) but then the screen goes blank and doesn't respond to anything.
any ideas

  Mat2 17:33 18 Mar 2003

Hi Nobbie, Have you tried re-installing Xp, as you say the computer pass the p.o.s.t which to me sounds like you os has crashed, so i would try installing and take it from their.

  nobbie 17:57 18 Mar 2003

if i reinstall it ' would i lose the information that was on my disc beforehand

  cheapskate2k 18:05 18 Mar 2003

You can try to repair XP that wont loose you any of your data. Stick the XP disk,set the bios to boot from it. mmmmm press enter when it asks you to not repair then f8 and then r to repair it. Does all the things windows does when it installs for the first time but dont worry and hopefully it might sort it out.

  powerless 18:11 18 Mar 2003

Before your repair XP.

When your computing is starting keep tapping the F8 Key.

You'll be given some options.

Choose "Last Known goood Configuration"...

If this does not work, again tap the F8 key when the computer is starting and this time choose SAFE MODE. When in safe mode go to...

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event viwer > Look at Application and system logs; look for erors.

  cheapskate2k 18:18 18 Mar 2003

Also repairing isnt faultless, it messed up my aol dialup after I did which meant I had to do some registry editing.

  nobbie 18:41 18 Mar 2003

i'll have a bash

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