Start up problem

  birdface 12:12 05 Jun 2011

Not sure if it is the On switch or what.

Start the computer and sometimes it takes ages to start the small circle you see when starting up stops and starts a barely turns and it takes ages for the computer to get everything started.Even then it is so slow opening pages the only thing to do is restart the computer then it normally boots up fine.

I think it may be the switch that is faulty if you push it in firmly and hold it till you hear the bleeps it starts Ok.

It is only about 3 months old but have had the problem since new.

It is no big problem as it only happens occasionally but was wondering if anyone new anything that would make it do this so that I can get it sorted.

It is a Medion Akoya P5315 D [MD8351] so the booklet says.W/7 64Bit.

At start up one bleep followed by two others.

  birdface 12:20 05 Jun 2011

Ignore the three Bleeps. Just listened carefully it sounds like the hard drive starting followed by 2 bleeps. So only 2 bleeps and not 3.

  gengiscant 12:44 05 Jun 2011
  birdface 12:46 05 Jun 2011

AMI Bios beep codes.

link text

All computers bleep at start up just wondering if the 2 bleeps is anything to worry about.

AMI Bios installed but I am afraid the bleep code do not meen a lot to me.If you open the 2 bleep code it says 3 bleeps so not sure what is what.

  gengiscant 12:57 05 Jun 2011

Possible RAM issue by the look of it.

  birdface 13:14 05 Jun 2011

Yes we must have got there about the same time.

Looks like the best bet is to open it up and see if I can find any problems.

Anything I should be looking for in particular.

Your computer has memory problems. First check video. If video is working, you'll see an error message. If not, you have a parity error in your first 64K of memory. First check your SIMM's. Reseat them and reboot. If this doesn't do it, the memory chips may be bad. You can try switching the first and second banks memory chips. First banks are the memory banks that your CPU finds its first 64K of base memory in. You'll need to consult your manual to see which bank is first. If all your memory tests good, you probably need to buy another motherboard.

Now I am not sure what they mean [ First check video ]How do you do that.

Memory is showing the proper amount 4Gb when right clicking my Computer and clicking on properties.

Looks like I have 2 memory slots according to SIW so is it just a matter of swopping those about or just making sure they are properly seated.

Just looking for things to check when I eventually open it up.Or is 2 bleeps normal on a computer and it may be something different that is causing the problems.

Power supply is very quiet I don't suppose it could be that not starting properly.

No big rush to get started on this so anything that I should be looking out for that could cause the same sort of problem.

I don't like going into computers unless it is a last resort as I know very little of the workings inside.But I suppose there is only one way to learn.

  gengiscant 13:25 05 Jun 2011

2 Beeps is not normal,only 1 is. In the first instance I would remove the RAM sticks and swap them and then reseat them.Them Boot your PC if still getting 2 beeps, remove one stick then boot again, note whether you are getting 1 or 2 beeps, then do the same with the other stick then post back.

  birdface 13:32 05 Jun 2011


Ok thanks for the information I will not be doing it today or I might will see how I feel.

But will let you know the outcome when it is done.

  RussB78 13:35 05 Jun 2011

Computer only three months old, why not just give Medion a call and ask for advice, especially if you are not too happy at opening the computer case, they might know the answer to your problem, it could be something very simple for you to fix.

Good luck with it anyway.

  northumbria61 13:45 05 Jun 2011

Buteman - have a look on here - you may just find something. link text

  northumbria61 13:48 05 Jun 2011

There is also an "unofficial" Support Forum. I don't think there is any cost involved - just a case of text

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