start up problem

  Boy Zone 18:27 28 Mar 2010


For some unknown reason my PC is taking ages to start up, over 5 mins. I have run msconfig and have very few progs running, and hardly any icon on the desktop.
It used to open very quickly.
Running winXP home, zone alarm and AVG.

Many thanks

  Press Man 18:42 28 Mar 2010

Download Malwarebytes free edition click here install it then update it and run a full scan. See if anything turns up?

  [DELETED] 18:48 28 Mar 2010

Agree with Press Man. If no malware, you could try uninstalling Zonealarm and AVG and see what happens, then reinstall one at a time.

  Boy Zone 18:48 28 Mar 2010

I've already run this together with A2

It's only become very slow over the past week, and I've not installed any new program.

  [DELETED] 18:53 28 Mar 2010

I don't suppose it could be a Windows update? Unlikely, though.

  Boy Zone 19:33 28 Mar 2010


  [DELETED] 21:54 28 Mar 2010

How about doing a system restore to a week or two ago and seeing if that makes any difference, then go forwards again?

  [DELETED] 22:37 28 Mar 2010

You could try stopping some of the programs loading on start up.

Type in msconfig into the the run or search bar. Go to start up tab and untick some of the programs you don't need on start up.

That should help speed things up.

Also, the zone alarm you have, is it just a firewall or do you have zone alarm anti virus as well? Because running zone alarm anti virus and AVG anti virus might be causing you confliction issues, might also stop each anti virus working correctly, so uninstall one and check for viruses.

Check how much memory your machine has, maybe consider an upgrade.

failing that, as a very last issue, you're hard drive could be on the way out - back up your data!

Hope that helps.

  [DELETED] 22:50 28 Mar 2010

Further to ms-mariams' comment re your hard drive being on the way out, if you haven't got that much free space on your hard drive, then your system will slow down noticeably, especially if you haven't got much space left; i.e.just a few GB.

  Boy Zone 08:09 29 Mar 2010

I've run msconfig, I've got 40gb hard drive space, and have only Zone Alarm firewall,

As I've said it only started about a week ago, and I have gone back to a restore point of 2 weeks ago but still no difference.

Does anyone know how I can identify the start up progs in msconfig, whats need and whats not?

  [DELETED] 09:30 29 Mar 2010

Altering startup programs using msconfig a bit hit and miss - there are websites giving advice, as I remember someone giving a link here before. Try searching this forum. Only stop one at a time, though. Could be Services slowing things down, but if you haven't changed/added anything recently, perhaps Startup asnd Services are both unlikely culprits. Sure it isn't due to some Zonealarm or AVG updates that have been applied automatically? Although you would think System Restore would sort all these potential issues out if you went back far enough. Still think you should try uninstalling or changing you security software - worth a try.

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