start up problem

  Alfresco 12:04 30 May 2006

Can anyone shine a light on this. When i switch on my machine everthing boots up as normal. Then windows starts up but recently has been pausing for about 2 minutes at a very early stage with only the start icon, task bar and system tray showing. No desktop or piture just a blue screen. Nothing seems to happening during this time. I am using win 2000 pro and keep the system very tidy with antivir, Ad-Aware, zone alarm and CCleaner. Any ideas what could cause this would be great


  terryf 12:08 30 May 2006

You have everything backed up of course because you may be looking at a reload of win 2000

  Alfresco 12:11 30 May 2006

I was thinking the same thing but hoping not to go down that road if possible

  aluri 12:19 30 May 2006

instead windows 2000

  ACOLYTE 12:27 30 May 2006

It sounds like it is loading something at startup that is slowing it down,can you look in your start up options for things you don't need/recognise and disable them.I would also run a few malware scans as you may have picked something up that has attached itself to the system startup.It could also be that your desktop theme has become corrupt,try changing the theme and see if it boots up any quicker.Also try defraging the hard drive this can sometimes make the boot quicker especially if the hard drive is heavily fragmented.It could also be that your icon cache file has got to large.

  Alfresco 12:58 30 May 2006

i've messed around with the desktop theme and reduced the start up icons to 6 with no effect. I've looked at my start up options but can't recognise anything it could be but there is a lot in there which i'm unsure about and am not advanced enough to mess with. How would i go about defraging the hard drive?

  ACOLYTE 13:01 30 May 2006

This should help click here

  Alfresco 14:12 30 May 2006

ok. I've just finished defraging the hard drive with no success. Is ther anything in the startup to look out for that could be the cause?

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