Start up - print spooler

  dbnut 15:39 14 Feb 2008

The problem started when I tried to print reports in quicken 2008. Although the printer worked in all the other programs - while in quicken - I kept getting told that I was not connected to a printer.

Called Tech Support (Quicken) and managed to really screw things up to the point I had to power up in safe mode.

After 30 plus hours - I reset print spooler service from auto to manual and can boot now into normal mode. I have to turn the services on to print after each reboot. And I can print again to exclude Quicken.

Now that I isolated the problem what next?

  Technotiger 16:35 14 Feb 2008

What next - un-install and re-install printer driver, preferably with up-dated printer driver from makers website.

  dbnut 17:00 14 Feb 2008

Do you recommend that
A. I start the print spooler sevices - go to step 2
B. Set them back to auto - go to step 2

Step 2 - remove the print driver
Step 3 - Reboot
Step 4 - install
Step 5 - reboot
Step 6 - If you suggest (A) then at this time I reset the printspooler services to auto
Step 7 - reboot
Step 8 - pray that it boots in normal mode

  Technotiger 17:29 14 Feb 2008

I think B, is best option.

4. with up-to-date drivers. (Only connect printer when software says so.)

  dbnut 15:25 19 Feb 2008

No Go

Bottom Line - I cannot set the print spooler services to automatic without (On reboot) freezing up the system.

I have to keep the print spooler service set on manual and turn them on after each reboot in order to print.

I did notice that upon loading with the Print spooler service turned on the system stops loading the startup programs at the point the intranet connect occures. In the manual mode the internet connect occures then I set the service on.

So is there a way to force he print spooler service to load up at start up last?

Or is there a quick batch file that can turn the printspooler service on without having to turn it on each time after booting.

  dbnut 19:14 21 Feb 2008

Oh well - too hard. It looks like I found a problem that only a total systems reinstall will fix.

Not one of the 7 forums I posted this on had an answer either.


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