Start-up OK but very slow to open programs

  HardyB 21:29 09 May 2013

My computer boots quite fast but when the icons are loaded onto the desktop it takes about a minute for any program, especially Google Chrome browser, to open as the cursor looks busy trying to load something and won't even open the Start button. I must add that things return to normal after the first program opens.

Not sure whether it's the registry cleaners and PC optimizers (1 paid for and 4 free ones) I use often, in fact almost every time just before turning off the computer.

  lotvic 22:06 09 May 2013

What OS is on the pc? (XP, Vista, W7?)

"registry cleaners and PC optimizers" What are the names of these programs?

What Anti-Virus, AntiMalware etc security programs do you use?

Do you have Trusteer Rapport? (Internet Banking Security Program from your bank)

What programs/scans are set to run at Start Up?

  HardyB 23:19 09 May 2013

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I use Windows XP. The registry cleaner and overall PC speed-up program for which I had paid for is Advanced System Care Ultimate from 10-Bit. The free ones are Baidu PC Faster, CCleaner, Glary Utilities, and PC Tools (this one won't clean the registry until I pay up; I mean update it to the full program.) I must say they helped me a lot in speeding up the boot time (it used to be awfully slow -- about two minutes, I think.)

The anti-virus and anti-malware program is the Advanced System Care Ultimate, but Baidu is also involved, I believe.

Nope, never even heard of Trusteer Rapport and never use any internet banking program as I don't trust internet banking.

Just four programs for start-up: Advanced System Care Ultimate, Baidu PC Faster (it shows my external hard drive icon and tells me when it's safe to remove the disk), Soundman (from Realtek), CTFMon.exe (Microsoft).

Thanks again for your interest in helping me to solve my PC problem.


  Taff™ 07:31 10 May 2013

Use Ccleaner, Tools, Start Up and disable the registry cleaner programmes. It looks like they are running every startup, probably competing with each other and draining your resources. Similarly you can only have one anti-virus running on the machine so one of them has to go.

If boot up time is improved and in my opinion, it should be, get rid of all the registry cleaners and just use Ccleaner. Run it manually once a month. Make sure you have just one antivirus too so remove one of them.

  lotvic 11:29 10 May 2013

I totally agree with Taff™'s advice. Only have one antivirus program running. Too many cleanup programs fighting with each other. Also they and other programs will be checking for updates all at the same time after XP loads.

  HardyB 18:14 10 May 2013

Thanks Taff and Lotvic for the advice. There's a small misunderstanding here -- the problem is not the boot up time but what happens after the boot up (when all desktop icons and shortcuts have been loaded.)

Then the cursor gets busy and won't allow clicking anywhere on the task bar, such as the Start button, and clicking desktop items is of no avail until it finishes loading whatever it was loading. Then only there's an avalanche of opening of the items I had clicked.

I'm trying a number of things, like disabling all items from the start-up list but it hasn't worked so far. I'll keep you informed when it does.


  lotvic 18:28 10 May 2013

"Then the cursor gets busy" it is at this stage that my pc is busy checking for updates to programs and updating antivirus definitions, maybe yours is doing same?

Also check that your antivirus program is not running a scan of files at this stage. Look in the antivirus program settings (and the other program settings they may be checking for/running updates in the background - you wouldn't see these in your Start-up list of programs)

Have a look in Start | All programs | Accessories | System Tools | Scheduled Tasks

and also Start | All programs | Administrative Tools | Services

  Taff™ 22:13 10 May 2013

HardyB - The definition of "bootup" in my book is from pressing the power button to when the computer becomes usable! ;0) (Not when the desktop appears.) All the programs listed in Ccleaners list at start up are clearly still loading in the background as lotvic and I suggest. You've perfectly described the scenario where you click a few icons in desperation and then those actions are "queued" by Windows and just make matters worse. Eventually they all appear belatedly.

It may be the case that the use of all these registry cleaners, some of which, with the exception of Ccleaner, can be pretty ruthless and permanently damage the registry. If disabling the start up icons doesn't sort out your problem my only and probably the quickest remedy is back up all data and restore to factory settings.

I think Lotvic will agree with me but let's wait and see!

  lotvic 23:08 10 May 2013

I agree, but first I would try running sfc /scannow to replace any damaged Windows files (have XP CD ready to insert if it is asked for)

Can I just say that on my XP pc from boot up it's at least 5 or 6 mins before it stops being 'busy' and harddrive activity light stops. (I generally go make a cuppa and then come back)

  Taff™ 23:30 10 May 2013

lotvic - I forgot it was XP for a minute! Yes sfc might provide the answer but I think it would be a miracle. Like you my older XP rig with 768Mb RAM just manages to be ready for action after 3 minutes and the kettle takes that long to boil so you could be right!

  Taff™ 23:31 10 May 2013

HardyB - how much RAM is on your machine?

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