Start menus ..Search all programs and files...I get message No items match your search

  julius44 07:20 06 Nov 2013

Hello ive got a windows 7 desktop pc. and ive got my itunes library and some youtube videos on family videos also. They all work fine when playing, and some of them i know the file names. But when i go to my start menu, then to search programs and files, and when i type in a file or video name, I get the following message: No items match your search.

Is there any way to resolve this please? for some reason my pc cant find various files and I dont know why. its very annoying. Any help woud be much appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:20 06 Nov 2013
  1. Go to Start , Control Panel , Troubleshooting , Indexing Options.

  2. Click "Troubleshooting search and indexing".

  3. Follow the wizard to troubleshoot the issue. If still no good then

  4. Back to Indexing Options, click Advanced button.

  5. Click Rebuild button.

  wee eddie 10:16 06 Nov 2013

Which Drive is it set to search?

  julius44 14:10 06 Nov 2013

Hi fruitbat, its all sorted now much appreciated.

  ened 06:01 07 Nov 2013

HI julius44 I have a similar problem. How did you resolve it?

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