Start keeps scrolling up on it's own

  Ignas 19:23 31 May 2018

Just found out that my start bar keeps scrolling up and there's nothing I can do. I don't know if it's a coincidence or some virus but I think that at the same time something happened to my dns and I couldn't load any websites, but I had internet. Now my internet is back but the start menu keeps going up as well as sound control close to the clock on the bottom left corner, it looks the same as if I were to hold up arrow non-stop. Don't know what to do, tried to restart my pc, but nothing changed. Please help.

  Ignas 19:49 31 May 2018

I can't search for stuff either, it keeps refreshing and trying to go up. Just found out that all of my pc settings have the same problem click here In this imgur you can see the selected in white button at the top so when I click on something it goes up.

Basically all of my windows are trying to go up, it doesn't do anything on general but things like 3d paint where it's connected to windows even the things that I crop it's trying to pull up, don't know how to explain it.

  hastelloy 09:09 02 Jun 2018

arunaasriee is a spammer - FE informed.

As you haven't had any replies try pressing the scroll lock key to see if that helps. If not press it again and you're back to square 1.

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