Start up issue after installation of NVidia FX5200

  [DELETED] 01:46 24 Dec 2003


I have a PIII 600 MHz running Win ME. I recently updated onboard graphics with a NVidia FX5200 PCI graphics card (OEM). The card supports 2 monitors.

Worked fine for first 2 weeks, but now I have to try starting the system approx 5 times before it begins to boot up.

I don't know if this is co-incident with the new graphics card, or if a fault has just developed out of the blue.

Can anyone advise - or has anyone had similar problem? Latest card drivers are installed. Could it perhaps be something to do with the card swapping between monitor outputs - if so, I don't know how I've activated this feature?


  [DELETED] 03:02 24 Dec 2003

I appreciate that this is not the sort of thing that everyone has lying around but if you can try using a newer more powerful Power Supply Unit. Your new card may well have pushed it over the edge and it cant handle the extra power draw on boot.(not to mention trying to boot 5 times in quick succession will definitely not be doing it any favours)

  [DELETED] 12:05 26 Dec 2003


I'll try this - it will mean buying one, but a spare may come in handy. Happy New Year.


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