Start Up Irritation

  griffon56 16:32 21 Nov 2007

Hi All,

After XP starts up a dialogue box appears saying roughly that there has been a 'Selective' start up with a lot of other guff about what and what not has happened. There is a tick box not to show this dialogue again but with it goes the statement that if ticked the next start up will be a 'Normal' one with all drivers and start items activated. If the tick box is left unticked and the dialogue is OK'd, 'msconfig' appears with the 'Selective Start' radio buttons dotted, presumably giving the opportunity to select 'Normal' start up instead.

If 'msconfig' is closed the options are given to restart or to restart later, neither of which are wanted.

I WANT a selective start without all the guff programs loaded, I have created a selective start with msconfig which starts only a minimum of programs.

How do I get rid of fussybritches Microsoft trying to insist on me doing things its way? This never used to happen on an earlier machine I had running XP and I set it in exactly the same way as this one. The reminders can be ignored but it is irritating to have to do this extra thing before the machine runs. I'd be grateful for a solution.

  VoG II 16:37 21 Nov 2007

I think that you need to tick the box click here

  griffon56 17:41 21 Nov 2007

It seems VOG as tho' your link is explaining what I have already done, disabled just about everything except the AV and Firewall. It's MS's insistence on trying to get me to go back to a full start up is what I'm trying to get rid of. It's about as annoying as the Office Assistant, and it's only when you read carefully what the tick box info is saying that you realise that it doesn't just get rid of the reminder, it gets rid of your carefully set up start configuration. Thanks for the tip tho', any more ideas?

  VoG II 17:45 21 Nov 2007

Tick 'Don't show this message...'.

  griffon56 13:05 27 Nov 2007

Hi VOG, Sorry for late reply. I thought that too, at first, then I read a meaning into the rest of the sentence which is that you'd be opting for a full normal start up with everything you're trying to avoid loaded at the beginning.

ANYWAY, I tried Mike Lin's Start-up Panel, with which I'm sure you're familiar, and it offered an option not to start 'msconfig' and after that all was well, the machine starts quicker and without the guff I don't want. Thanks for your advice.

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