start up and install problems with win98 on laptop

  Nigel3030 23:16 23 Feb 2005

I have just aquired a Toshiba portege 7020 which when you turn on, briefly shows the win98 logo then goes to a dos screen with Microsoft (R) Windows 98 (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1999 followed by c:\> and a flashing cursor. Is there any way I can start win98 from that situation or is it not actually fully installed? Also it has an external cd rom which connects via usb. If I try to reload windos from the boot disk it doesn't 'see' any cd drive. How can you load windows on to a laptop with an external cd drive?
Any suggestions or help would be greatly received! I have successfully loaded win98 on to desktop computers before but this is the first laptop I've ever had. Thanks.

  EdFrench 23:32 23 Feb 2005

At the c:\> prompt type:

dir /p
look at the resulting screen to see if Windows is actually on the machine.

The above prompt and switch is asking for a display of the contents of C: page by page.
You can scroll though the pages by pressing space.
If the OS is there:

Type in :
cd c:\windows


or C:\windows\win

If you cannot see the files on the screen after the first prompt above then you do not have a full OS on or it or there is something untoward going on with (Pertitions?)

  Totally-braindead 23:40 23 Feb 2005

My mate had this problem, the win98 boot disk did not support USB so he couldn't load windows on to the computer because he had no access to the USB CD rom drive. The solution he found was to borrow a external CD rom drive which installed via the parallel port and had drivers which installed via the floppy. Once windows was loaded and the motherboard drivers were installed the USB was enabled and he was able to use the external USB drive. I've seen the drives for sale on Ebay for as little as £20. Perhaps there is a floppy you can download which will support the external USB CD rom drive but if there is I don't know of it. Leave the post open and perhaps someone will come up with a solution utilising the floppy drive.

  Nigel3030 01:58 24 Feb 2005

Ed - thanks. I tried that and it appears that the operating system isn't there so it looks like I need to find a way of getting the usb recognised so I can load 98!

  Nigel3030 02:01 24 Feb 2005

Totally-braindead. Thanks also! I was starting to think along those lines myself. I will leave it open and hope someone else has a bright idea.

  EdFrench 18:28 24 Feb 2005

Win98SE has usb capability but you may have to flash upgrade your bios to enable usb cd boot capability.

  Nigel3030 01:14 05 Mar 2005

Turns out that the hard drive had bad sectors on it so it wouldn't boot. A replacement drive supplied by a friend who also loaded windows on to it on his computer, has resolved the problem! I'm using the laptop to write this. thanks once again for your help and advice.

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