Start up from hibernation mode;

  Peter-200561 18:40 07 Apr 2005

For no obvious reason when try to start up from hib-mode the hard disk light flickers then nothing, the fan is working but nothing else. If i turn it off at the mains and start up everything is fine; So now on shutdown i cannot use hibernation mode;

XP Home SP2

Any ideas,is it registry or bios?

  freaky 19:19 07 Apr 2005

If you go into hibernation mode, then you can start up again by pressing re-boot button on your system unit. There is no point in switching off the power and doing a restart.

On systems that have power saving, then you just need to move your Mouse and the system will resume.

How old is your system ?

  Peter-200561 19:30 07 Apr 2005

OK, i finish a session and close using hibernation mode. ( i have French language XP, so i am talking about the first of the 3 options-hibernation-stop-restart) To start up i press the reboot button, its then things seem to hang up , lights on keyboard and some hard disk flickers. No screen activity. Then nothing even if i move mouse or press keyboard. Its at this point i have to turn the power off and retart from scrath

  freaky 21:16 07 Apr 2005

As I asked earlier, how old is your PC ? Because if it does not support 'Energy Saving' then that would be the cause.

Once you let me have this information, then I will advise you further.

  Peter-200561 06:52 08 Apr 2005

Sorry about not giving age. Its 18months old Pentium iv. Until recently everything worked fine concerning shutdown etc.
Hope this is helps


  Stuartli 10:03 08 Apr 2005

Have you checked the Hibernation configuration from Control Panel>Power Options>Hibernation tab?

It may have inadvertently been disabled or other power settings changed.

  freaky 11:17 08 Apr 2005

OK...your PC will have Energy Saving.

Try the following:-

(a) Right Click on a blank area of desktop.

(b) Select Properties-> Screen Saver-> Power.

In Turn off Monitor select "20 minutes".

In Turn Off Hard Disk select "Never".

In System Standby select "Never"

Click on Advanced

In box "When I press the power button on My Computer" select "Ask me what to do".

In box "When I press the sleep button on My Computer" select "Stand By".

Click OK on each of the above after you enter the details.

The above settings work OK on both my PC's. So try them out. Make a note of what you do so that you can change them if they do not work.

Good luck.

  Stuartli 13:37 08 Apr 2005

Standby is not Hibernate.....

Hibernate closes down the system after saving all the settings first and, when you press the power button again, returns to the state in which it was before Hibernation mode.

  Stuartli 13:41 08 Apr 2005

I find that if Hibernation has been enabled for quite a period of time that occasionally I have to clock the mouse once or twice before the system will continue after the first opening sequence.

It's probably due to the fact that the mobo was acquired whilst XP was still little more than a glint in Bill's eye.

  freaky 15:40 08 Apr 2005

Thanks for the information, but I am aware of the difference beween Hibernation and Standby.

The problems that lochrist is experiencing can be solved by my instructions. If you read his last post, he states the PC is 18months old, therefore it would support Power Saving.

If you set the Monitor to shut off in say 20 minutes, then it should go into standby when the PC is idle for that period. It may not work if the Monitor does not support Energy Saving.

I have a Microsoft Keyboard, which has a 'sleep' button, once pressed then everything goes into Standby including the Monitor. To exit that mode I just move the mouse. I do find very occasionally that it does not work for some reason!

  medicine hat 16:41 08 Apr 2005

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