Start Up gone haywire! Very very slow!

  Stressed Mum 20:11 05 Aug 2007

Hi. Please can someone be patient enough with me and give me some advise before I throw PC through window? I have searched forums for help and have certainly followed some of the previous advice given to others but to no avail!

Last night I shut down my PC with a Sony CD Rom in D Drive. This morning on start up everything went wrong!

Once the pc finally started up it would appear that nothing has been lost. I have re booted, restarted. Disc cleaned, run all virus checks, cleared cookies and files, C.Cleaner, spybot the lot!

I am running XP on a Dell Dimension 5100 - using a Philips flat panel monitor, have a cordless mouse, scanner, printer, and webcam. Usually all of the periphials initialise on start up. I have a reasonalbe amount on my desktop, all used reguarly. I have card readers in my CPU which I have recently started using every day. (New camera and phone) I have unplugged from power completely, no change. I have done a system restore, no change. When I turn PC on the Dell logo flashes up (takes about 15 secs) the scanner starts. Then the screen goes black and freezes for 4 minutes. The little numbers on the front of the pc ( which I 'think' are the card readers slots) light up with 1 and 2. After 4 minutes the numbers 3 and 4 flash and the scanner initialises again, then black screen for 2 minutes. Webcam initialises and windows starts up - there is then a symbol like a cylinda showing on the CPU next to where the numbers were.

Not sure what you need to know - but this is the best I can tell you. If you feel you can help I would of course be very grateful, but I really need step by step advise as I don't know my way round the system very well. Thanks you. SM :)

  mammak 20:50 05 Aug 2007

Firstly are you eventually loading to Windows?

next it looks like you have a whole load of applications loading on start up!

my first port of call would be to minimize those
go to start> run> type "misconfig" without quotes startup and untick each app one by one to find what app is causing the problem.

  VoG II 21:05 05 Aug 2007

Mammak is on the right track but it is msconfig click here

  mammak 21:18 05 Aug 2007

Oops sorry about the spelling misconfig = msconfig
thanks VoG™ your a pal :-) x

  Stressed Mum 21:48 05 Aug 2007

ok - thanks for that but still got the problem. Tried it twice, once unchecking those that I understood(?) and again unchecking all just to try it - but on both occassions still no change. I feel sure that this has just happened overnight - would a disc left in cause a problem like this? SM :(

  skidzy 22:53 05 Aug 2007

Remove all usb devices and reboot,does the pc boot normally ?

If so,then add one usb device at a time and reboot.

This is just a precautionly measure to check external hardware is ok.

Also check Device Manager for any yellow exclaimation marks.
Windows Key + Pausebreak / Hardware / Device Manager

  Stressed Mum 23:03 05 Aug 2007

Done the USB bit - no change - how to I get to Device Manager? SM :(

  skidzy 23:11 05 Aug 2007

Windows Key + Pausebreak / Hardware / Device Manager

  skidzy 23:17 05 Aug 2007

Can you run SIW:

Download from click here and save to your desktop.

Open this and look under sensors and post back the temp readings.

  Stressed Mum 23:28 05 Aug 2007

sorry! Search all over - don't know what to look for - 'windows key' where? very very Stresed Mum - not knowing much about pc's! absolute beginner and all that! ta. SM :((

  Stressed Mum 23:29 05 Aug 2007

No no no - found it - hold on for next post..... ta. x

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