Titot 23:02 29 Sep 2004

In the recent days when trying to establish a good connection when playing MotoGP2 with the other guys on BCF, i have noticed that my PC spontaneously restarts and is a sporadic event. It is often preceeded with a loss of sound, and when you alt+tab out into windows, it is when the PC reboots itself . Does anybody that has made a custom PC or are in the hardware field have an explination for this. It's not just MOTOGP, but most games and DVD's in general.

Also, when turning on my PC, the fans, power lights PSU fan etc turn on, but within a matter of seconds, the PC is dead. I have to wait a while till i retry. Could it be a faulty PSU or are one of the cables causing a short circuit? I really don't know, so if you have any suggestions, please, PLEASE do PM me - i've asked all my friends involved with gaming/webdesign and they have never ever experienced such events.


Thermaltake XASER III case + 550W Qtec PSU,
P4 2.8 GHz (prescott) + ASUS P4C-800E Deluxe,
1 gig ram (2x512 infineon modules in dual channel)
MSI Geforce FX5600TD (256)
Soundblaster Audigy + latest drivers.
LITEON + SONY optical drives.

So if anybody has any one of the listed hardware and HAS experienced similar problems, please do share it with me!

Thanks for your help in advance,


  JonnyTub 23:06 29 Sep 2004

"sounds" like a soundcard problem, do you have onboard or pci card?

  Titot 23:11 29 Sep 2004

I use a SB audigy PCI, have disabled the onboard Asus sound card though.

  JonnyTub 23:14 29 Sep 2004

run dxdiag and see if there are any probs

  Titot 23:19 29 Sep 2004

There was a Direct3D problem which was bypassed on the previous account of running DXD, but all tabs checked - no problems found :S, so i really don't know whats wrong - could a bios update solve the problem and if so, how do i make an ASUS bios update boot disk, i've got all the relevant files

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