Start up crashing again! :0(

  STEVE71163 06:38 25 Jul 2003

I have just started up my machine this morning and have started getting a problem i had earlier in the week of my pc crashing. The microsoft error suggests to check the memory on the blue screen but when the error is sent and recieved back it shows as a device driver problem. Is their any way of checking the memory?

  Tog 07:13 25 Jul 2003

click here has a free memory diagnostic.

  PA28 08:09 25 Jul 2003

If it is memory, then if you have more than one Dimm/Simm try taking one out and running with the other. If you only have one stick, then try using it in another memory slot, or substituting with a stick of known good memory (I realise this may be easier said than done!). If you can get to your BIOS, then make sure that the memory timings are right and you're not trying to refresh too quickly. Just removing and replacing the memory can sometimes clear a fault (there may be a poor contact).

What other symptoms do you have - have you had recently? Any event you can pin down? This may not be a memory problem at all?

  STEVE71163 08:15 25 Jul 2003

Thanks for the reply PA28. I have reinstalled windows twice this week and all seems to work ok for a while and then the system starts crashing again at start up. when i send the error report to microsoft it comes back as a device driver problem??

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