At start up computer running

  dugit 15:55 25 Sep 2009

I have a Packard Bell 5095.
When I switch on my computer it runs for about ten minutes or more slowing the computer and I have found that when I press Ctrl/Alt/Del the windows task manager comes up and the performance CPU history is going and the cpu shows varying up to 60%.
I don't know what this means but assume this is slowing the computer down. Have defrag/check disc no improvement.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Sea Urchin 16:03 25 Sep 2009

What processes are using the 60% ?

  Terry Brown 17:20 25 Sep 2009

Download a program called 'Startup.exe'

This will give a list of all programs that are running at Startup, users, once only etc.

There is a simple way to deselect any item, and (if necessary) re-enable it.

It works in a similar fashion to Msconfig, but is easier to change.

Do you have ore than one Firewall/ Anti-Virus program running, as that can cause it.

If you decide to de-select your Anti-Virus or Firewall as a test, disconnect the modem to prevent infection first.

  dugit 17:22 25 Sep 2009

I don't know what processes are using, I'm afraid.

  mooly 17:29 25 Sep 2009

What operating system ?
How much RAM ?
What security software are you using?

  dugit 18:25 25 Sep 2009

Have one firewall - 512 MB RAM - McAfee Security -operating system Windows XP.
Will try startup.exe.

  woodchip 18:35 25 Sep 2009

It sounds like you AV may be doing a Scan. For programs etc that are running Right Click Task Bar the Task Manager check tabs at the top of Task Manager

  dugit 18:48 25 Sep 2009

I'm afraid that I didn't know where to look for program running, now I see under Task Manager/applications, will switch computer off and restart and see what happens.
Thanks for the replies.

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