Start button graphics

  vega2612 22:08 20 Jun 2003

Can anyone please tell me why the graphics on the start button keep disappearing when I start browsing the internet? I can't explain this one. It only happens when browsing. When I reboot the computer the graphics are back again. Any ideas?

  VoG® 22:10 20 Jun 2003

What version of Windows, please?

  vega2612 22:14 20 Jun 2003

Sorry, it's windows ME. We've had it here for over 2 years now. In the beginning it was not optimized and was constantly freezing up. It doesn't do that now anymore. But the graphics thing is annoying.

  VoG® 22:20 20 Jun 2003

Sorry, I've looked on the MS Knowledgebase and can't find anything.Others may know better than I.

  vega2612 22:22 20 Jun 2003

Well thank you for trying anyway.:) much appreciated.;)

  jazzypop 22:40 20 Jun 2003

This seems to be related to a corrupted ttfcache.

One suggestion is to just change the Start button to something more to your liking - maybe a smiley face? click here for a utility to do this.

Or, there is a solution worth trying at the bottom of this thread - click here

  jazzypop 22:42 20 Jun 2003

BTW, here's a few more people with the same problem, and dozens of possible causes / solutions - click here

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