Start up annoyance

  BigRik 13:40 17 Nov 2005

Hi all.

NvCpl & qttask (I know what they are) keep periodically starting up after I have removed the ticks in the startup menu in msconfig & applied the changes. After a while, they appear in the taskbar after logging in, I go back to msconfig to have a look, and lo and behold, there they are ticked again! Its only recently started happening (past month) so any idea what could be causing this? I've done all neccessary scans and nothing is flagged up.

I've also noticed in that very same menu that some programs are in there twice and there are others to do with programs I deleted ages ago. What are the recommendations for getting rid of these old and duplicate programs? I use TU2006 to periodically clean the system but perhaps for whatever reason it doesn't sort this out.

I'm using Windows XP with SP2.

Thanks for any help.

  Jackcoms 13:44 17 Nov 2005

Download and run click here
and click here
Delete all that they find.

  BigRik 20:15 17 Nov 2005

Thanks for your reply Jackcoms. You say "delete all that they find". So is it safe to delete EVERYTHING they find in EVERY catagory?

For example, in CCleaner under cleaner > windows > system > windows log files, I notice there are quite a few files beginning KB (for example KB1234567) which, if I remember correctly are Windows security updates that should not be deleted.

Please excuse my ignorance on this subject, but I would rather be safe deleting anything in the registry by asking someone in the know rather than guessing!

If you or anyone else can help, please do!

  GuZ><0r 20:44 17 Nov 2005

Try this click here It will stop any program from starting up.

  Jackcoms 21:59 17 Nov 2005

In CCleaner when you run 'Cleaner', in both the Windows and Applications options, it will find and delete unnecessary files of the type depending on the options you have ticked (such as temp files, most recent docs opened, last URLs typed, cookies, old preftech files, etc). It will NEVER remove any system files or Windows update files.

The 'Issues' button in CCleaner is a very 'gentle' Registry cleaner and will only remove registry items which are no longer needed (such as unnecessary shortcuts to programs or 'leftovers' from un-installed programs).

RegSeeker is a much more thorough Registry cleaner but, again, it will NEVER remove anything which is necessary for the continuing use of installed programs. In any event, RegSeeker gives you the option to back up your registry before deleting anything.

For what it's worth, I've used both of these programs for something like 12 months or more. I use them weekly, I've NEVER backed up my registry and NEVER had any problems.

I do have a PC which works problem free, though. :-))

  ade.h 22:18 17 Nov 2005

Those Knowledgebase numbers that you have found refer to the uninstall folders for the corresponding updates. They are hidden and compressed (faint, with blue text) in the Windows folder and can be safely removed.

After doing so, if you want to tidy up Add/Remove Programs, check the Show Updates box at the top and attempt to uninstall the updates. A message will tell you that the update could not be removed and it will offer to remove its entry in this list.

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