Start Up

  Ex plorer 15:30 10 Aug 2011

Hi any one know what the this in my start-up vista Laptop (fkbain unknown rundll32) I cant find any thing but...... a year ago i tried Ubuntun or a name like that and getting rid was not easy.

I remember I was left with a duel boot screen so I closed it down to zero seconds and I never see it now.

Vista just boots up like it used to do and has done for the past 10 months with no problems.

I am UN-ticking unwanted entries in start-up and am stumped with this one.

  Karakorum 18:22 10 Aug 2011

Not trying to give you indigestion, but there's a couple of links to a malware related to 'FKBA' here.

Naaah - Probably nothing to do with it eh?

  Ex plorer 10:21 11 Aug 2011

Windows start upMay be useful to someone.

Mayby not maybe so gona un-tick it after what you have found, on my head I will let you know what happens hopefully (;~) Thanks for your time.

  Ex plorer 10:34 11 Aug 2011

Hi Back tried to run MS Essentials this morning and it closed as fast as it opened its running OK now so who knows everything looks fine.

  birdface 14:44 11 Aug 2011

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