Thomo1 23:13 11 Oct 2005

Under the startup tab in msconfig i have the following running.

Dumprep 0 -k

Which of these do i actually need to run at startup if any?

My computer seems to be behaving very oddly for the last 2 days, in general and takes a long time to boot up.

I dont have any virus/spyware issues!

  woodchip 23:15 11 Oct 2005

remove both and see how it goes you can put them back

  Thomo1 23:16 11 Oct 2005

remove all 6 u mean?

the format of tthis site didnt leave them as spaced.

what are these dumprep jobbies?

  woodchip 23:20 11 Oct 2005

Just make sure that AV and Firewall are still ticked. Then reboot and see how it goes. As I said you can restore the tick's if you need to

  Skills 23:42 11 Oct 2005

Leave sndmon and spysweeper as these are parts of norton and webroot spysweeper respectivly.

Msnmsgr can be unticked with no probs Dumprep is apparently something to do with windows fault logging but is classed as unnecessary according to click here and so 'd untick that as well if it was me.

Dragdiag is something to do with alcatel ADSL modems but should be left running according to click here so id leave that one

ccapp is another part of norton so leave that one there as well it is the part that is responsible for real time protection

  DieSse 23:49 11 Oct 2005

Dragdiag is an Alcatel modem diagnostic program. You shouldn't normally prevent it's start-up - but you can in order to check whether it's causing a problem.

Msn Msgr is MS Messenger - it's normal to let this start, but you don't have to if you don't want to, or want to troubleshoot.

Dumprep is a non-essential Windows facility for third-party software to use. You can disable it.

ccApp is part of Norton AV 2003 - if you disable it, Norton won't work.

Spysweeper is anti-spyware software you have installed. If you disable it, then clearly it won't be running.

You can disable all or any of the above, for troubleshooting - but be aware of the consequences. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that I wouldn't let any Norton programs within a mile of my system, because of all the troubles they can cause.

  DieSse 23:52 11 Oct 2005

Sorry I missed out sndmon - but as you can see Skills and I were looking into what they al were at the same time - Skills got there first!!

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