StarOffice 6 - post evaluation project...

  Taran 18:12 25 Jan 2004

My apologies in advance if this is not really a Helproom type of thread.

I'm curious whether or not anyone who was involved in the StarOffice 6 evaluation project continued to use it afterwards and if so, what are your thoughts after a longer term to get to grips with it ?

This was prompted after a recent installation of SuSE Linux on one of my laptops. I came across the StarOffice CDROM and manual and thought "why not ?", so I promptly installed it and it really flies along on Linux.

It got me to thinking [on a weekend as well...] about all those potential users out there and whether anyone stuck with it.

Anyone ?

  woodchip 18:14 25 Jan 2004

Not me, I use Corel WordPerfect 2002 and it's too easy in it's use for me to change. Plus it a far better Office Suite

  Pesala 18:59 25 Jan 2004

I downloaded the Star office beta, but it was time-limited. When it ran out, I installed Open Office 1.1 instead as it is newer than Star Office 6.0 Only use it to open Word documents if people send them to me, or for sometimes for Unicode docs.

So the program is fine, but I don't need to do much with it. I also have WordPerfect 9.0 but very rarely use that either.

  hugh-265156 19:02 25 Jan 2004

im still using it.does everything i want very well.

  Bandy 19:21 25 Jan 2004

I still have it on my spare computer, I took it off the main one. However I do still use, and enjoy using Star Office.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:27 25 Jan 2004

Still have it; still use it; still don't realise its potential, but neither did I realise the potential of MS Office 2000.

Also use on a Win98 partition.

  justme 20:27 25 Jan 2004

I'm still using it as it satisfies all my needs.

Word got deleted as it was taking up too much space on my hard disk because it was full of functions which I will never use.

I'm still having to search Star Office for some parts which I use infrequently, but I suppose it will get better with time. Perhaps I'm just getting too long in the tooth to learn new programs.

  Belatucadrus 20:44 25 Jan 2004

Still using it on one PC, but i've got Open office on another, no database, but that's not a problem and I like the save as pdf feature.

  gold 47 14:25 26 Jan 2004

Still using Star Office 5.2 does all i want it todo.

  Lionheart ? 14:29 26 Jan 2004

Still using StarOffice and enjoying it now.

  961 19:15 26 Jan 2004

I still have it but do not use it often

I also have MS Word, but must confess I still think Wordperfect has a lot going for it

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