JulieB 09:53 11 Nov 2003

Anybody out their using Staroffice from Sun Microsystems (I think)? WOuld llike to hear your views on how useable it is and if it is compatible with MS OFfice documents etc.

  [email protected] 10:08 11 Nov 2003

An excellent product for the price. I road tested this thro pcadvisor & you can find how it all went in back issues. Maybe forum editor can guide you as well
Albeit most users of XP Pro Office have stuck with that program despite its expense.
after trialling this Sun systems product they kindly sent me a freecopy of the full installation. It works very well & it does take over microsoft. It jumps in quickly.

  hugh-265156 10:17 11 Nov 2003

same here.great for the price and does all you would expect it to.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:25 11 Nov 2003

Excellent for the price; so too is OpenOffice.Org which is free to download. OOo has no database but otherwise is very good. What do you plan to use an office suite for? (apart from the obvious!) - if just general writing, basic spreadsheets etc., then OOo is hard to beat.

  Rtus 10:27 11 Nov 2003

If your using it as a comparison To M/S office It holds its own, familiarity of M/S products causes most people to be weiry of newer items like Star office (SO6/7) which is a pity as its got a lot of ability..and @ an amazing purchase price..

  plsndrs3 10:44 11 Nov 2003

I also tested SO and initially had my doubts that anything could compare to MS Office, especially something that is so much lower in purchase price. The fact is that it does - and it does it well! SO can open items saved in MSO and can also save them in a format that MSO can open. As I posted at the time it's main problem is user familiarity, not its ability - and I am as guilty of that as the next person. The toolbar buttons are very similar to MSO and I didn't really have any issues on dealing with documents or spread sheets.

Unlike kellysbouncas, I have actually removed MSO XP & kept SO6 on my system as it uses less disk space both on the program & on the saved documents/spreadsheets. I would obviously recommend it to anyone who wants a viable, cheaper alternative to MSO.



  JulieB 10:46 11 Nov 2003

Thankyou all. I use MS Office 2000 - I tend to use all the products - word, excel, access, powerpoint, publisher, outlook and am even using front page but the version I have isn't mine (Through work) and I need to install an office suite on a new computer at home and am not able to extend work licence to home :((

  ardvarc 10:49 11 Nov 2003

Amazon have £10 off Star Office 7.0 @ £44.99.

click here

  ardvarc 10:52 11 Nov 2003

Errm £8 off. Still a good buy.

  leo49 13:52 11 Nov 2003

If you decide to go for Star Office then contact me and you can have the complimentary copy I received from PCA - I'm never going to install it in place of the "real thing".

  watchful 14:34 11 Nov 2003

Same here. If anyone wants my copy - unopened - they can have it as I'm not going to need it.

Contact me via the envelope next to my name.

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