Star Ofice Challenge - A nice surprise

  Bandy 08:41 10 Jun 2003

A welcome parcel popped through my letter box this morning - a copy of Sun Star Office 6.0 and some back issues of PC Advisor.

Thank you FE and everyone else associated with this project. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the project and would welcome other opportunies to do the same.

  graham√ 08:42 10 Jun 2003


  Sir Radfordin™ 08:44 10 Jun 2003

...still waiting :(

  Bandy 08:56 10 Jun 2003

Sir Radfordin

Just one of the advantages of having an excellent rural postal service locally.

I'll tick the box now since this was only a means of advising others the disks are on the way, and to offer a thank you.

  Andsome 08:57 10 Jun 2003

Still waiting, I will watch the post closely.

Mine arrived this morning too.

Thanks PCA.

Like Bandy, I look forward to future projects.

  Djohn 12:51 10 Jun 2003

Thank you PCA. :o)

  Sapins 13:00 10 Jun 2003

Here's me thinking I'd left postal strikes behind, now we have one here just when I find out Star Office is on the way!!!

  STEVE71163 16:07 10 Jun 2003

Got mine today.
Thanks PCA!

  Templar1961 17:39 10 Jun 2003

My copy arrived today - around 7:00 AM, unusually early for my postman! Thanks very much to PCA for the opportunity to take part in the challenge. I wish I had been able to spend more time on the challenges and contribute more - unfortunately my workload increased just as the challenge commenced. Nevertheless I appreciated the opportunity to try out new software, having previously been tied to the Microsoft near monopoly. I found StarOffice quite easy to use.

Unfortunately the cost of software is only a small part of the cost to business - training costs are significant and most training organisations are geared up exclusively for Microsoft products. Indeed most computer training is software specific - how can Sun Microsystems overcome this?

  Taran 17:58 10 Jun 2003

I understand your point regarding training media, but the sort of company that would take on StarOffice is far more likely to do so for the cost savings it represents at point of purchase combined with its available features, so it's not as though you'd have to retrain an entire office block at once.

I'd imagine most smaller businesses would train a token number of "key workers" who would, in turn, pass on their knowledge of basic practice to the rest of their colleagues. This is how I have seen StarOffice rolled out to one small business I have dealings with and it offered significant training cost savings and lowered downtime.

Bringing StarOffice to the masses though, is another matter entirely. Most individuals who find it bundled on their new PC will just find their way as we did during its evaluation for PC Advisor.

I'm not sure that Sun need address this issue to any great extent, simply because the uptake of StarOffice is not normally in an environment that requires or warrants a vast amount of retraining.

It will be interesting to see where it goes from now though. I hope its future is bright. It has much to offer at a very attractive price.

It would be very interesting to see some formal training media and products filtering into the market though. I think if that and its help files were re-jigged, we could see far more uptake.

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