Star Office as an HTML Editor

  Pesala 22:00 18 Jul 2003

I've just been doing some editing of my website code with Star Office. I use Net Objects Fusion to generate the site, but it is an old version and doesn't support Unicode. I decided to try with Star Office, not really expecting it to work.

It worked like a dream. I opened the main text frame (my site has left and header frames), searched and replaced „ for ā, etc., and saved the file. In Star Office the file looks exactly the same as my webpage complete with animated gifs, and no obvious problems that I can spot yet. click here. I guess that Open Office would cope just as well.

Nice One. (~_~) I look forward to doing a lot more HTML editing in Star Office.

  Pesala 08:20 19 Jul 2003

It is a complicated business, which is why I will be sticking with NetObjects Fusion for any serious design changes.

However, because my version of NOF is so old, there are some things it cannot do (or at least, that I don't know how to make it do).

Next on my wish list is to work out how to modify HTML tables. My pages typically have a code like <TD WIDTH=613> and the section ends with </TD> which I assume fixes the text within the table frame to a width of 613 pixels, whatever the size of the user's browser window. I already discovered that by deleting these codes that the text is then allowed to resize to fit the width of the window.

My question is, "How best do I accomplish this in Star Office?" I can view the source and delete the TD codes, just as I used to do in Notepad, but is there a better way? On the SO toolbar are three table bars: Table: Fixed; Table: Fixed, proportional; and Table: Variable. I can also manually adjust the width of the text frame, but how can I make it variable width?

  Pesala 08:32 19 Jul 2003

This forum uses charset=ISO-859-1 which is why my „ printed as ä above. Clearly, the right choice of character set is crucial.

My HTML pages are set to use the windows-1252 character set. I think it would be best to change this to UTF-8. How do I do this, and what are the pros and cons of using different character sets?

Why, for example, PCA decide to change from windows=1252 (which I think they were using before) to ISO-859-1. Why didn't they adopt UTF-8, which seems to support more characters?

  Pesala 08:37 19 Jul 2003

why I get confused about which characters will print as expected, and which ones need to be encoded. ä is OK, but ā needs to be encoded, as do ‘ to ”

  tbh72 13:26 19 Jul 2003

Practical Internet, shhhh gave away a fully working version 4.0 on issue number 80. I'm not sure if NOF is backwards compatible, but one would assume so.

  Pesala 13:39 19 Jul 2003

That is not backwardly compatible, unfortunately.
If NOF 4.0 can open NOF 2 files and NOF 7 can open NOF 4 files, that might be a way to go, but somehow I doubt whether it would be the most efficient. Apparently, Adobe Golive can import my website quite well, but that's beyond my budget.

It looks like Star Office might do most of what I need. I tried changing the charset to UTF-8 but Star Office insists on changing it back to Windows 1252 and then generates an error when I insert Unicode characters like ā Ĭ and ū. However, the characters are saved OK and the characters are not lost on reopening the file.

I live on charity, so if I can make do without spending more money I will do, though I am not averse to spending £100 or so if it is going to save me hours of boring file conversion and editing. If you have NOF 4 and are willing to try opening a NOF 2 file for me, let me know, and I will email a small file.

  Pesala 11:28 11 Aug 2003

I was impressed by Star Office, and presume that Open Office is pretty much the same. It seems like an easy way to get started. Open any page that you like, edit it in Open Office and save it with a new name.

Tbh72 sent me Net Objects Fusion 4 from Practical Internet. This is an excellent WIYWYG editor and is very easy to use Unfortunately, my NOF2 file was corrupted so I haven't been able to do much with my website yet. I have edited some of the code in Star Office.

I have also been busy testing a couple of other beta programs too, hence my absence from here for a while.

  niggs 13:15 11 Aug 2003

What you see is what you what it stands for.

Don't really know these programs, i just know how to code by hand....sorry.

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