Stange noise

  [DELETED] 16:39 21 Dec 2003

I've recently stated to hear a strange noise eminating from my PC. Intermitantly the constant tone that the machine usually makes becomes higher and last fore a few seconds.

Also which may or may not be related PC Alert started warning that VCore -12000v had dropped below the -13000v min threshhold.

Excuse my ignorance but i have no idea what this means. What i do know is that the machines performance has not been affected but i am worried that this is the beginning of a complete hardware failure.

Do i need to replace the fan, motherboard, psu or all of the above. Please help i am baffled.

Thanks in advance


  johnnyrocker 16:47 21 Dec 2003

one posting is generally enough to get an answer, have you tried localising the prob a a certain area?


  [DELETED] 17:15 21 Dec 2003

I'm almost cetain that it's coming from the CPU fan. I also installed PC Alert and upon installation it said that the processor temp was abnormal and rebooted the machine. The processo temp averages at about 55-57 dgrees and the fan rpm is 5113. this ver of PC Alert dosen't have a display for that particular VCore setting as before.

Sorry about all the posts

  [DELETED] 17:26 21 Dec 2003

Does it seem like the fan is getting faster maybe?

How old is the system / fan?

What spec you running?

  [DELETED] 17:33 21 Dec 2003

AMD Athlon thunderbird 1.4ghz
60gb Western Digital HDD

  [DELETED] 17:34 21 Dec 2003

sorry bout that
also 20gb seagate hdd
512mb DDR RAM
GeForce 4
Sound Blaster Live

  [DELETED] 17:35 21 Dec 2003

Board is MSI K7T Pro
2 years old

  [DELETED] 17:37 21 Dec 2003

Does it seem like the fan is getting faster maybe? (when the sound rises)

Could it be the PSU not providing enough power?

  [DELETED] 18:06 21 Dec 2003

maybe that is an option, so i would need to replace the psu? Could the fan be touching the side of it's casing as it's going round. I've never heard the fan speed up or slow down in all the time i've had the system.

If it was the PSU not getting enough power to the fan would u not see a performane spikes etc.

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