Stange noise

  Stavros13 16:39 21 Dec 2003

I've recently stated to hear a strange noise eminating from my PC. Intermitantly the constant tone that the machine usually makes becomes higher and last fore a few seconds.

Also which may or may not be related PC Alert started warning that VCore -12000v had dropped below the -13000v min threshhold.

Excuse my ignorance but i have no idea what this means. What i do know is that the machines performance has not been affected but i am worried that this is the beginning of a complete hardware failure.

Do i need to replace the fan, motherboard, psu or all of the above. Please help i am baffled.

Thanks in advance


  bugzy-no1 15:10 22 Dec 2003

to start with noise is usually cased by vibration and the only moving part in a pc is the fan,s i would look st that side first,
there is one on the power supply one on the prossesor and if it has extra fans well u can try takin the extra ones off but do not run processor without fan,it will fry.
it is cheeper to renew a faulty fan than a prosessor ,i hope this little advice helps a bit
all the best merry xmass

  plankton 16:02 22 Dec 2003

Yes, I would check the fans for dust, and give 'em a brush with a soft paintbrush to remove the dust. If you touch the processor fan at all, be wvery careful, break that and you processor won't be very well at all....see how it is after that, the next thing will be to check the output from the PSU...

  Stavros13 17:58 22 Dec 2003

i clean the processor fan reguarly as mentioned above with a watercolor brush. The only fan i can't get at is the psu fan, and i think that is the prob. Thanks guys.

  Jester2K 20:59 22 Dec 2003

Replace the PSU then. This NOT a user serviceable part and should NEVER be opened. LETHAL voltages inside.

Try a mates PSU first.

  Stavros13 22:26 22 Dec 2003

Thanks very much for all the advice.

  plankton 11:48 23 Dec 2003

By the way, I don't know if you take regular backups of your harddrive, but if not, then take one...JUST in case its that that's starting to make a noise.....;o), or just in case the PSU is a problem and it shoots the disk......

  Stavros13 19:15 23 Dec 2003

I also do that i'm fairly savy when it comes to most things PC wise but this was a whole new kettle of fish, voltages and stuff. Thanks again.

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