Stange happenings on PC

  WiLL-A 18:13 20 Nov 2003

Recently on my work PC a co-worker of mine received an email with an attachment which i told him not to open as it seemed suspicious in nature but of course he did.

We have Norton Antivirus 2003 with up 2 date virus definition files and Windows XP is kept fully updated. It did not alert us to the presence of a virus yet something appears to be taking over our PC.

Windows open and close randomly, applications open and close, the start menu appears then disappears, etc. This only happens while the PC is in use. If i let go of the mouse it stops yet as soon as I move it again it restarts.

I installed AVG antivirus but it couldnt detect anything either. I have looked at the processes that are running in memory but nothing unusual is there.

Anybody have any ideas what this might be and where it could be located so I can get rid of it. The email in question was deleted straight afterwards so I dont know the name of the attachment.

  recap 18:28 20 Nov 2003

click here and give this a go, this will then eliminate all possiblities of either a virus or a trojan.

  johnnyrocker 18:46 20 Nov 2003

you could also click here for permanent protection/removal


  TECHNODIMWIT 10:00 21 Nov 2003

try search might be a variation of


or crazy mouse

a so called joke doing the rounds sometime back

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