Standy and hibernation

  jz 11:54 21 Feb 2004

What's the difference between standby and hibernation? I was using a laptop with Windows 2000 Pro, and they both seemed to do the same thing (turn the laptop off, but when I turn it on again, it goes back to exactly where I was before, eg in a Word document). However, standby appeared to be faster. Do these also work for a desktop PC?

  Eric10 19:10 21 Feb 2004

I may be wrong but I think that Standby remembers your PC's state in memory while Hibernate writes it to disk and then turns the PC off. Therefore a PC in Standby is still turned on while one in Hibernate is turned off.

  jz 21:44 22 Feb 2004

So in standby, the batteries are still being drained, although presumably at a slow rate.

Thanks for your response.

  AcidBurn7uk 02:18 23 Feb 2004

Absolutly. If you wish to hibernate you will need as much free disk space as youh have RAM. Therefore if you have 256mb RAM you will need at 256mb of free disk-space. This is because the computer takes a 'snapshot' of your RAM and saves it to disk. This option will also see your boot time reduced, mine starts back up in 10-15 seconds, depending on what was running when I went into hibernation!

Standby on the other hand is a low-power state. There will be a small current that runs though your RAM keeping 'on' as it were. Also, depending on what 'wake-up' events you have set in the BIOS. I am using a PC, but I have power running to my USB ports, PS/2 ports and LAN port. So my system is woken up by events at one of the various ports. The more devices you have selected for 'wake-up' events the quicker your battery will drain. Your system shud boot instantly, but it may take a while for your screen to heat up (my CRT does).

I can't comment on battery life, because I don't own a laptop so maybe somebody who uses these 2 modes can post their typical battery life times here as well.

  Ben.s 09:38 23 Feb 2004

a laptop usally lasts about 2 hours on
but in standby it usally lasts around 30 hours
your beter off hibernating to save power but i hav nothing else to comment on

  jz 20:19 23 Feb 2004

I guess some people must have their laptop to switch to standby, and don't realise why the batteries don't last very long.

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