"Standby" works - but shouldn't the fans/Noise cut

  AnthonyB 19:19 07 Apr 2005


I have Windows XP Pro, and I have had this PC for just over a week now.

However, when going on standby (Start>Turn-off> Stand-by)it does do, BUT - it is still as noisy as it is when its one. If I remember when I had my PC a week ago - going on stand-by DID cut all the noise/fans etc (like it was turned off).I've made a few adjustments/loaded software etc etc since I had it, maybe I made some change I know not of. I can't see use of going on stand-by if its still going to make a noise, and sound like its still fully running (even if the screen is off).

When I restart from stand-by (by touching mouse etc)my user name comes up (Tony) and says something lie "2 Programms running"

Could anyone help me on this? - or is this how it should be? TIA

Other spec, AMD Athlon FX55, Radeon 850XT, 1Gig Ram, 250 HD (16MB Cache)


  DieSse 19:21 07 Apr 2005

Have a look in the BIOS - there are sometimes settings for turning off certain fans when going into standby.

  AnthonyB 19:26 07 Apr 2005

Thanks Diasea, but could this cause harm to my system, like "turn a fan off" that *IS* required to keep something cool (likethe CPU) or something?


  Praxis99 11:22 11 Apr 2005

Your current standby mode will be what is termed S1 which is the minimum sleep state for your PC which doe little more than turn off the power to your CPU.

What you need to do is to change it from S1 to S3 (termed suspend to RAM) which you can do by going into the Power management screen in the Bios (you can't do this from within Windows). This state powers down everything save the system memory.

Finally this wont harm your PC and will stop you wasting power and money when you don't need your PC, but will still allow it to be up and running in seconds when you do.

  jack 11:44 11 Apr 2005

Also Take a go at 'Hibernate'
This powers the machine right down- you can even
unplug it from the socket. Yet when you switch on [press the power button] the machine after P.O.S.T
will pop back to exactly where you left it . That half written tretise, half done game - what ever.

  Stuartli 14:41 11 Apr 2005

You will be far better using Hibernate than Standby - Hibernate first saves all the current settings before shutting down the system and monitor (use the Put System Into Hibernate when Power Button pressed mode).

When you press the power button again briefly, the system powers up to the same state as when put into Hibernation, including any programmes, applications or webpages which were open at the time.

However, if you were using a PCI TV card, a dialup modem or similar you would have to turn these off first before going into Hibernation.

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